Blood Brother


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 377


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J.D. Williams as Kayvon
Trey Songz as Sonny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dieperdsegat 2 / 10

Just skip this one!

The villain just got out of jail. Kills 2 people in front of his cop friend. Threatens a toddler at gun point in the park in front of his cop friend then goes shoot some hoops. Wow, this was bad. Bad acting, bad script, rushed storyline. Overall just bad. These singers should just be left singing, leave the acting to actors.

Reviewed by pauljamesessex 1 / 10

Nothing original, terrible acting, nonsensical plot.

This film is terrible, I am not a writer but could write a better film than this in 10 minutes. Nothing original, terrible acting, nonsensical plot. At the start it had potential to go somewhere but after about 20 minutes it went badly wrong.

Reviewed by candibrown-93309 3 / 10

If you don't wanna go to jail FLEE...FLEEEEE...!!!

We can't blame Trey for starring in this ridiculously written horrible movie...I'm sure he needed to get that bag...This movie was not good in anyway, shape, matter or form...and the acting was 110% HORRIBLE...and anybody who says any different is either friends or family with the cast or crew...or simply not that bright...I can't even tell you all of the stupid things that transpired in this film because it would be me telling you the entire movie bit by bit...It's a revenge movie...4 boys commit a robbery of sort...3 run away...1 stands there and doesn't run...he goes to jail...then has the audacity to want revenge for doing 15 years in prison...WHAT...? And that happens at the very beginning of the movie...that right there should let you know that this movie is not any good...don't waste your cash on this...seriously...girls if you love Trey like I do...I'm telling you that doesn't help at all...I'm such a fan that my friends are going to be shocked about how I feel about this movie...

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