The Lost Future


Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 5224

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Sam Claflin as Kaleb
Sean Bean as Amal
Hannah Tointon as Giselle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Knighthawk701 5 / 10

Mad Max meet Lord of the Rings

Okay this has been done before so do not expect anything really original here. It's Syfy working together with a German cable TV company so don't expect a big budget either.

The story is set in the future were a tribe of people have to hunt for their survival. There was a plague were humans would turn into half-beasts when they would come into contact with people who carry the disease. The tribe comes under siege by a group of these savages and three of them are going to get help.

The acting is quite good actually. The scenery is almost breathtaking and film work good. The big flaw in this movie is that people are clean and pretty. I mean, come one, they hunt like savages and live in huts and caves. Yet they look like they just came from the beauty salon! Yet the movie is still quite enjoyable if you don't expect another Mad Max.

Reviewed by trumpman 7 / 10

An above average SyFy movie

Many of the SyFy Channel's original made-for-TV movies have been disappointing, to say the least. Their latest entry however, "The Lost Future", proved to be fairly entertaining. Which is something to say since I'm not usually into post-apocalypse-themed movies. Here are some observations:

1) special effects - though there were not that many required, the ones present were well done, eg. the big monster-creature. The cinematography was good also. 2) acting - decent and believable. 3) story line - starts out with clan interaction followed by its relationship to the tribe. Then branches out to conflict with main enemy, then adds additional allies (and adversaries). The Huck Finn raft was a nice touch.

This movie seemed more believable and "realistic" than other SyFy movies, albeit at the end the future still seems pretty lost to me. All-in-all, "The Lost Future" was a step above the usual SyFy movie fare.

Reviewed by lowellstone 4 / 10

I anticipated liking it, but.....

I tend to like direct-to-video movies in this genre, I know they are made with small budgets and with a limited number of recognizable stars, but they usually have ambitious plot lines and stories which can turn quickly by introducing new adversaries, terrorizing beasts, etc. Every time "The Lost Future" approached a point where it could have become exciting or, at least thoughtful, it took the easy way out.

It could have been much better, or at least a lot more fun. The giant sloth-beast appeared at the beginning of the movie and gave some hope that there would be more special effects, but it was not to be.

Keep at it SYFY; most of your movies may not be intellectual treasures, but at least they're fun!

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