The Lost Viking


Action / Adventure / History

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Kezia Burrows as Herja
Ian Virgo as Asbjorn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thetrollbane 1 / 10

Low budget and boring to death

This could have been a fine vikings / historical movie but it has no good story to support it. The action has many holes and it is confusing too. The movie is packet with tons of violent scenes and it seems this is the movie's main focus. Also there is no message here. Therefore if you find entertaining to spend two hours from your life watching a mindless low-budget hack and slash movie, then The Lost Viking (2018) is your film. BTW I hope one day that such filmmakers & scenarists to be forced by law to offer some compensations to the watchers for their lost time.

Reviewed by mzand-751-539572 9 / 10

A Happy Surprise

Like most low budget indies tackling historical/viking dramas I started this film fully intending to stop after the first horrible ten minutes, but no. This film turned out to be a very happy surprise. Good writing, decent acting and (given the low budget) extremely well done fighting scenes, make "The Lost Viking" is well worth the watch.

The story is a typical Joseph Campbell Hero's Quest we've seen in countless other films but then, it is one of our more popular myths which all depends on the telling. In this case, instead of the cliched revenge cycle most of these movies follows, the writers have adopted a more intelligent and original approach in which, through his tribulations, our hero evolves into a more thoughtful and philosophical person which is far more satisfying than the typical "he becomes king and they live happily ever after" cliche.

If viking/medieval dramas are your thing, you could do far worse than this little gem.

Reviewed by colinthemagpie 4 / 10

Romans vs Vikings?

Low budget affair with some decent acting in places with notable fight sequences. However they certainly got their history wrong with this title! We have Romans making Vikings fight to the death! There is no mention of a fantasy mash up anywhere in the film where clans of completely different time periods could co-inhabit and battle it out.

Apparently one of the actors was in Game of Thrones so there's merit in that, quite a good film, boring and stagnant in many places but I must commend the few and far between fight scenes, they were quite hard hitting and believable.

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