The Manster


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lambiepie-2 8 / 10

A film you never forget!

As one poster put it... this is the film you saw as a kid but never remembered its name. I did!!! It is kinda cheesy...but I've seen much worse. But for its time, I gotta hand it to the make up folks and the actor's reaction for that scene with the eye on his shoulder. Gosh! Ya gotta guess that most of the budget went into that, and what fun! There isn't one person I have shown this film to that hasn't gasped at it! I just wished the rest of the film was that way. This is one film that HAS to be in your Halloween collection...your "low budget" vintage B movie horror know you've got one. Set it right between the William Castle films and the Hammer Films!! Get this film, get it now. It's a hoot!

Reviewed by sasullivan 5 / 10

monster-movie classic with some unforgettable scenes

I watched this last night for the first time in 30-something years. From childhood, three scenes were indelibly stamped on my memory: the gibbering woman with the nightmarish melting face in a cage, the eye in the shoulder, and the infamous 'separation'. But what also was stuck in memory was the horrible screaming that accompanied some of these (not my own, but that of the characters ;>). Well, the movie's not *quite* as scary to my jaded sensibilities as it was then, but those scenes still had a kick; the unearthly howling, tearing sounds when the Manster 'separates' still chilled.

While it'll never be mistaken for great moviemaking, this film deserves a bigger 'cult' status than it has.

Reviewed by Chris J. 9 / 10

The One where the head grows out of the guy's shoulder.

Yep, this is one. The movie so many of us have seen and vaguely remember. What was the name of that weird movie where a head starts growing out of this guys shoulder? An eye pops out, then a whole head... then.....

This is it.

It's not a great film, but it's sure inventive. Probably the first two headed monster movie. Pre-dating that Ray Milland/ Rosie Grier Thing with Two Heads movie and the one with Bruce Dern too by over ten years. That counts for something.

Well okay... this is a lot better than those movies. It's very similar to the classic Werewolf in London.

An American reporter in Japan is injected with a serum by Dr. Suzuki--who's wife is a mutant creature from another unsuccessful experiment and is in a cage.

Rash, then bump, then voila an eye pops out of the Reporter's shoulder. It gets worse. The murderous thing continues to grow right out of the American reporter's body.

This is an American film, filmed on a very low budget in Japan.

I'm sure it was the inspiration for all the two headed movies that followed and particuliarly How to Get Ahead in Advertising. The one where the boil.... oh never mind.

Not a very good film, but fun and for many they remember the scene very well from their childhood... the.. gulp EYE coming out of the guy's shoulder. EEEEK....

Cheesy, fun.

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