The Maze


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
IMDb Rating 3.8 10 1043

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Adam Johnson as Jeff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danspaceman 1 / 10

Don't waste your time.

I don't know what the worst part of this movie is. The acting, the story, or the dragging pace.

The ending, though not typical, is unsatisfying and it comes after what can only be described as 10 minutes of stupid. Though, that seemed to be the main theme of this film.

Five friends in a corn maze at night, one psycho and a bumbling country police force. All the elements of a b-grade slasher flick, but without the charm of one.

There is very little lead in, and, after an inexplicable opening sequence which is not explained at all, the action starts withing a few minutes. There is no character development whatsoever before the characters start getting picked off.

There is the typical lone-survivor-faces-killer-in-one-on-one-showdown, before escaping. That happens with 30 minutes to go. Then comes the "twist" which is less of a twist and more of an eye-roll.

Cue weird and unnecessary flashback reminding the audience of what they just saw - you know - in case your short term memory prevents you from remembering more than 10 minutes of your life at any one time.

It's not scary, it's not tense. Despite the opening scene, which is rather good, it is never explained and the rest of the movie is very poor by comparison.

Of all the movies I've seen this year, this ranks as the worst. Look for it soon in the ex-rental bargain bin of your local video store.

Reviewed by dillenger101 6 / 10

Not too bad

After seeing some of the reviews I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this film but I got it anyway and watched it with my friends. Yes it had its fair share of cheesy acting, slow pacing, and low budget feel but I have to agree with some of the other reviewers. This movie was obviously made to be a low budget film and I found most of the reviews on here are to harsh. I especially enjoyed the the twist in the story.

Overall, I would say its worth watching, just don't expect a multi million dollar film. Or even a million dollar film. However if you do make sure it is in the right setting, with a group of friends or people that can enjoy a good low budget horror film.

Reviewed by slatromhsiloof 1 / 10

Bwahahaha! A nine star review? Really?

Once again one of the actors from the film must be reviewing his own movie. I can guess which one. Why not a ten star review? Because it was so horrifically bad even the person trying to skew the numbers to try to sucker ANYONE into watching this trash couldn't even bring himself to give it ten stars. Add this to the list of low budget movies I couldn't even bring myself to finish watching. If the producers of this waste of time and money have any shame they will recall and burn every copy, send the ashes off into space, then issue a public apology for believing anyone would be so stupid as to actually want to watch this worthless piece of garbage. I could make a better movie utilizing my camera phone and a bunch of 5 year old children as cast AND crew. Premise is entirely unbelievable anyway, as anyone who has ever been into a corn maze knows all you have to do to get out is pick a direction and start walking. Its CORN for God's sake, not an adamantium force-field. Unfortunately people from Hollywood actually ARE this stupid, so they expect the general public to be as well. If you have any sense, you'll skip this worthless piece of trash. If you don't have any sense, skip it anyway. There are plenty of better things to do with your time, like stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork.

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