A Young Man with High Potential


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 270


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Amanda Plummer as Ketura Stantz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ks-60500 7 / 10

Independent film was good enough

Neglect what the storyline and viewing the production of the movie is quite good. Try not to view it as a big production but view from a angle of dark side of a teenage. It's quite horror indeed.

Reviewed by tkaine3 7 / 10

A surprisingly good independent film. The lead role has high potential.

"A Young Man With High Potential" (7)

Reviewed by Headturner1 3 / 10

First review oh my

Ok. Well. I don't really now what to say about this. I fast forwarded thru some extremely gruesome parts( not because of) but because the main protagonist is so excruciating to watch and during these scenes even more . Oh and I don't recommend to any rape survivors. I feel this movie was trying to be all artsy with substance but was neither just full of it's self. why not make the characters act with a bit more emotion. Well thinking most did except the main. The script was awful. The ending was even more ridiculous and wasn't even an ending. I'd say skip this.

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