The Miracle of the Bells



IMDb Rating 6.6 10 818

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10


It has all the ingredients of a "Going My Way," or "It's A Wonderful Life."

Wonderful Fred MacMurray stars as a Hollywood press agent who is smitten by Olga, played by Valli. Notice that when Valli spoke, she sounded just like Ingrid Bergman.

In a total change of pace, Frank Sinatra plays a soft-spoken priest in the film from a poor parish. Also subdued, is the fine actor Lee J. Cobb, always rather loud in the film. He plays a movie producer caught up by what has happened.

Olga dies at the completion of her first and only film and when MacMurray fulfills her wishes and brings her back to her home town, the film breaks out with the usual themes of poverty and reverence to the Lord.

The Olga character also reminds me of the film, "The Song of Bernadette."

A film of human values, reverence, simplicity, kindness and what we're all supposed to be made up of as we practice humanity and devotion to the Lord and to others.

Reviewed by smithy-8 10 / 10

The Bells Ring for the Cast

"The Miracle of the Bells" is a gem of a movie. It is Fred MacMurray's best role and best movie. He plays a burned-out publicist, who helps an aspiring actress attain (Alida Valli) a movie role, watches her die, then travels with her body to her hometown. He covers all the emotions in this movie: toughness, worldliness, anger, kindness, love, contempt, and deceit.

This is Ms. Valli's second best role and movie. The first was "The Third Man". Frank Sinatra plays the priest and this is his first dramatic part. He is very good in the role. He even sings a little.

It is a lovely movie about dreams and miracles.

Reviewed by abooboo-2 8 / 10

Not Quite A Miracle, But Close

Maltin's "guide", which should be called a "MIS-Guide", oh so generously bestows this film with a whopping star and a half. The truth is this is a fine piece of film-making, a tad unwieldy at times and perhaps 20 minutes overlong, but made with a high level of care and craft. There are many moving, poignant scenes, particularly one set early on at Christmas time. MacMurray and Valli unexpectedly run into each other and proceed to share a relaxed and blissfully unrehearsed Christmas Eve dinner at a Chinese restaurant that they have all to themselves (not unlike in the more recent A Christmas Story). The chemistry between the two and the restaurant's benevolent Asian owner is nearly heavenly.

The film has that irresistible Citizen Kane-ish structure where a character is gradually revealed and only truly understood AFTER their death. It also is refreshing in its positive depiction of religion and the important role it plays in so many people's lives. And it does so without insulting those in the audience who may not happen to be a member of that faith (Catholicism) or suggest that because they are not, that they're going to hell. If only more of today's film-makers had such courage and insight.

Performance-wise I was most impressed with Fred MacMurray who clearly invested a lot emotionally in his character. Valli is fine as the angelic aspiring actress and Lee J. Cobb is commanding as always as a studio mogul with more integrity than one might expect. Frank Sinatra as a devout small town priest? He's not bad but he hadn't yet been influenced by Montgomery Clift's method acting style in From Here To Eternity, and he comes across as a mite green for the part.

Quality work. Maltin's off by a star or two once again.

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