The Mothman of Point Pleasant



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paranormal-29885 10 / 10

The Mothman is the gold standard of monster stories, and this is the gold standard for monster documentaries

The Mothman is the gold standard of monster stories. Its extensive and detailed legend includes not just nighttime encounters with an unidentified creature of some sort, but it also includes UFO sightings, Men in Black, Native American curses, and even a mutated sandhill crane. But what makes the Mothman so alluring is that opposed to many monster legends... people actually saw the thing. Something was actually there. Over 100 witnesses claim to have encountered a flying humanoid weirdo of a creature.

The Mothman is also not a new story. It began in 1966 and has been retold in numerous mediums, from John Keel's seminal Mothman Prophecies to the movie of the same name; documentaries, novels, video games, and even comic books have all attempted at relaying the chillingly true tale of the Mothman.

I am personally an enormous Mothman fan. While I am a researcher of the weird and wonderful, I do not consider myself a researcher into the Mothman phenomenon. That story has been told and retold in numerous ways. I honestly feel that I couldn't contribute anything productive to the study, but I've hungrily consumed any and all Mothman related media I could get my paws on and still greedily want more. Now, though, I think I have found something that might hold off that hunger for a little while: The Mothman of Point Pleasant.

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to view a pre-release review copy of the movie, courtesy of Seth Breedlove, the movie's director. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect before I watched the movie. I am a fan of Small Town Monster's work but the previous movies they had done were all focused on smaller scale Bigfoot sighting flaps. I was skeptical of whether or not they would be able to cover the vast information connected to the Mothman. After viewing, I can thankfully say that they passed with flying colors.

The movie opens with some shots of the TNT area, where numerous sightings were reported, with Lyle Blackburn's creepy, Texas-twanged narration. I immediately got chills and knew I was in for one heck of a ride. Mothman covered the history of the Mothman phenomenon chronologically, from the Battle of Point Pleasant to the Silver Bridge collapse, and all the cryptid goodness in between. Breedlove and crew leave no stone unturned in their examination of the creature, interviewing key witnesses, well-known authorities on the events, and even just some of Point Pleasant's natives from the time of the events.

I actually did learn of a few cases I hadn't heard before and enjoyed hearing some familiar cases being told in a visual way. As much as I loved the great information and tales, I honestly think that the highlight of the movie was easily the visuals. Seth and company employed the use of aerial drones for awesome landscape shots, used numerous gorgeous photos of the TNT igloos and the area that surrounds them, and absolutely stunning digital animation. Honestly, my jaw dropped when I saw the animation segments, which showed the visuals of a story as the witness described what happened.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. If you have even a passing interest in the Mothman or strange stories, you will love The Mothman of Point Pleasant.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

It sure helps if you believe in this sort of stuff...but regardless it's well made.

If you are the sort of person who believes that various cryptozoological creatures exist, such as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster, then "The Mothman of Point Pleasant" will be a very different experience compared to that of a skeptic, like me. So, as you read my review, please keep this in mind...I already had a mindset that the whole thing is a hoax. I remember various stories in the Washington, DC area as I grew up in the 1960s of similar stories, such as the Bunnyman, UFOs and the Goatman. It was a popular period for cryptids.

The film is a historical documentary about the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and their Mothman story. Using a creepy-voiced narrator and equally creepy music and sound effects, the story interviews many locals as well as showing film clips and photos all related to the Mothman. Whether you believe all this or not, the quality of the production is quite good...better than I would have expected for such a topic. And, it didn't draw a lot of conclusions and just let folks talk...which was an excellent decision.

By the way, today the town of Point Pleasant embraces the whole Mothman story. In September, they have a Mothman Festival--complete with costumes, rides and a parade. They also erected a Mothman statue some time ago!

Reviewed by haimericus 10 / 10

Not your typical monster story

The mothman story is already strange enough, with the rash of bizarre sightings leading up to a tragic bridge collapse. What Small Town Monsters adds to this well known story is a sense of the scope of the incident--the length of time it went on, the number of people involved, and the variety of unusual phenomena (especially the extensive UFO reports across the region). The film doesn't push you toward a conclusion, which I appreciate. But whether you think this was an alien, an ancient curse, or just hysteria over a mis-identified bird, something really weird happened there.

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