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Desmond Harrington as Dan the Man
Kelvin Yu as Nelson
JoBeth Williams as Marion Depaul
John Patrick Amedori as Mikey Evers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keshby 1 / 10

What were they thinking....

The ending to this movie was such a let down. The message is conformity and mindlessness, not to mention disloyalty and self-centered behavior. Wow, what a way to spread the message. I think I'll go read "1984" again. If you want to see an example of a movie that took a startling negative view on independence without seeming to be aware of it this is the one for you. It's actually kind of frightening what the writer and director seemed to think was an acceptable ending. The main character's little show of bravado at the end was useless since she had already capitulated and willingly followed what an electronic pulse dictated over mind/heart. Very disturbing.

By the way if your wondering why I watched it in the first place my 20 year old daughter asked me to because she liked it. After she heard my review of it...not so much anymore.

Reviewed by thompson-ru 2 / 10

Ending Utterly Spoiled it for Me

I was actually genuinely enjoying this film. It was challenging notions of true love in a way that was actually challenging - if you met someone and fell in love, would you give up true love for them?

Steph isn't going to meet anyone any time soon and has decided to take a chance with Dan. Oona is delaying living her life because of the possibility that at any moment, her time could suddenly change. They both decide together to get their timers removed, inspired by someone who is absolutely certain the person she is with isn't her "one" and simply no longer cares.

I think the movie should have ended there. Mikey even says it: our lives should have a little bit of mystery. Everything suggested that the movie was going to end there.

And then Prince Charming comes waltzing in and devastates three people's romances. But it's okay, because they're "destined to be together."

This movie fails on a comedy level because of the serious twist ending, it fails on a romance level because there is nothing romantic about the meeting of any person with a timer we see. I as an audience member was rooting for Mikey and Oona, I was rooting for Steph and Dan. And then to have those relationships shunted to the side just because that wasn't the true path means I just wasted my time watching these people waste their time.

I have a lot of questions that this movie throws in the air and then doesn't answer. How many people's timers have suddenly stopped working because the other person got the timer removed? Is there just a craigslist out there of people looking for people who got their timer's removed? What happens if someone's "the one" has died before they met? Do they qualify to be a "the one" then? What about the fact that Oona is a child of a "doomed" relationship? If Oona had never been born because her dad had never been with her mom, would Dan have wound up with Steph instead? Or would he just have never had a "the one?"

All the couples we see are roughly the same age, but if this is based just on chemistry, isn't it possible there could be some really uncomfortable pair-ups? People with language barriers? People with age differences? What's gonna happen when her dad meets "the one?"

This movie could have said something really progressive about the problematic nature of serial monogamy. Instead, as far as this movie is concerned, you really are wasting your life on every romantic encounter you have until you meet "the one" and no matter who they are or whether your sister is also in love with them, you have an obligation to yourself to chase after them.

I feel hollow and frustrated and disappointed now.

Reviewed by floopowder014 8 / 10

Endearing, thought-provoking, funny gem of a a film

I went into "TiMER" mainly drawn into the premise, somewhat expecting the film to not live up to what I thought was a brilliant and fascinating concept. But it ended up exceeding my expectations, and I am now completely enamored by this film.

"TiMER" is as close as a film is going to get to being this year's "(500) Days of Summer," in that it's a romantic comedy, but an unconventional one, and one that really comes out and says something (or at least proposes a question or two) about love instead of being two hours of cheesy chick-flick fluff. It's thought-provoking and will give you plenty to discuss with a friend after seeing it, and at the same time it's very enjoyable and entertaining. It's full of truly laugh-out-loud and slightly quirky humor, and it has a couple good twists I didn't see coming.

One other thing I loved about "TiMER" is the characters. Many romantic comedies have the one-dimensional supporting characters who are just there for the sake of filling the role of "main character's bff," etc. But all of the supporting characters in "TiMER" were multi- dimensional and distinctive, and they all had their own stories that I became invested in without detracting from the main focus of Oona's story.

Whether you're looking for the next romantic comedy that strays a bit from the prescribed path, or you're looking to answer the "what if?" this film proposes, or you're just looking for a quality independent film of any sort, "TiMER" will be well worth your time.

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