Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.


Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 2.1 10 4497


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Aubrey Peeples as Daniella
Ann Cusack as Melissa Ventura
Ralph Waite as Grandpa Ventura
Art LaFleur as Russell Hollander
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GMFinneyProductions 1 / 10

I say these words as a HUGE 'Ace Ventura' fan...

What the f*ck! Seriously, i am probably the biggest Ace Ventura fan and when i heard the news about a 3rd movie some years ago i was very excited. And from following the updates of this film from beginning to end, my expectations slowly started to decrease...and when the trailer hit the internet i was speechless... literally.

And that was just the beginning, the film came out on DVD and as curious as i am, i went and got it... and that was most likely the biggest mistake of my life.

From beginning to end, i felt like i was being tortured yet i couldn't look away... i couldn't believe my eyes... i couldn't believe what the f*ck they just did to Ace Ventura!

Reviewed by SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain 1 / 10

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. (2009)

Somewhere in Hollywood lives an evil genius and his grand plan is to make sequels to every Jim Carrey movie...WITHOUT Jim Carrey. If that wasn't bad enough this film replaces Jim with some fat, irritating child AND suggests Ace died. The best thing would have been to make this a prequel with Ace as a child. Not give him a stupid ugly kid."Respectful" is not a word in this film's vocabulary. It also has some old guy, playing Ace's dad, whom repeats all of Carrey's signature lines in a fashion akin to your own grandfather, embarrassing you at your birthday party. This is really horrible, verging on disgusting. I'm not the biggest Ace Ventura fan, but this is just ghastly. I hope all involved have a suicide pact.

Reviewed by brailsford 1 / 10

Not Alrightey Then

This movie is to be avoided if you like the other Ace Ventura Movies, heck avoid it if you liked the cartoon. This movie is almost painful to watch. The kid is a terrible choice for the role being as how he did not look anything like Jim Carrey. The humor also is not on par with the other 2 movies and this movie misleads consumers to capabilities of iPods. This movie should be titled as "Ace Ventura wouldn't come anywhere near this script with a 100 foot pole cause it just stinks that much". I couldn't even make it through the whole thing since Knight Rider was on opposite of it when I was watching it and I chose that show to watch instead.

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