Viking Blood



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vegresol 1 / 10

Waste of time

I watched the movie which lasted almost 2 hours and I was curious enough to check it's ratings. By the time I read the 10/10 rating that 1-2 people reviewed with, I was kinda confused whether or not we watched the same movie. It was a bad movie, I feel like I wasted my time. There was nothing impressive to it. Some of the actors were decent, the rest of them felt like they were paying to actually be in the movie.

Reviewed by nightsky-24849 2 / 10

Viking blood

Acting.. 3 stars Cast.. 2 stars Directing 3 stars Story line 2 stars

Reviewed by irenehunker 10 / 10

Dark and bold Viking Spaghetti Western.

This Viking story was a pleasant surprise. An authentic, dark and bold viking spaghetti western, not overproduced, but honest and down to business. Visually stunning, convincing in it's simple and captivating journey into the darkness of mankind and their afflictions around 960 A.D in Denmark. Intense and furious fight scenes that almost celebrates the old Macaroni Western masters like Kurosawa and Sergio Leone. I'm glad I found this film especially when the poster doesn't really reflect or do this little amazing lowbudget film justice.

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