Triple Frontier


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 73075


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Charlie Hunnam as William 'Ironhead' Miller
Ben Affleck as Tom 'Redfly' Davis
Oscar Isaac as Santiago 'Pope' Garcia
Garrett Hedlund as Ben Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rcroman2004 8 / 10

Entertaining but many Holes and Voids

Overall it was an entertaining movie. Should have been some more back story on the team. The movie needed another shootout with the real cartel instead of a car chase with incompetent kids. There were no cut scenes to show how the cartel reacted to their boss's murder, or money theft. Or what happened to the lady and her brother if they made it to Australia.

Biggest hole to me.... hey this is too much weight for the helicopter to get over the Andes. Look there is a jungle. Let's drop two guys off here, and half the money. I'll fly over mountain drop off the other half and two guys. Then I will fly back and retrieve the other half and two guys and regroup.

Reviewed by rahuljagdish-75872 6 / 10

A great start gets dampened by shoddy story telling towards the end.

The movie begins with good character building, establishing each protagonist's personality and background, and quickly drawing you into the plot. This part of the film is done quite well for the most part and does a good job at keeping you intrigued. Sadly, that doesn't last. A particular scene comes to mind where there's noone keeping cover while loot is being put into bags; and it beggars belief that trained, seasoned ex-military would get that careless even in front of a huge tempting mound of cash. During all of this, an armed antagonist doesn't seem to want to do anything about the banging and shouting going on in his house, but then decides to come out of a panic room only when there's at least Affleck, Hunnam and Isaac right outside its door, obviously looking for him.

In addition, a momentary lapse in Affleck's othwerwise calm and practical character displaying greed could hint at struggles in his personal life that may have motivated him in that instance, however this trait surfaces repeatedly throughout the rest of the film, and is hardly objected to or acknowledged by the rest of the equally experienced soldiers, save for a few shakes of the head and a couple of disapproving comments. This and just overall messy screenplay for the remainder of this movie leaves you waiting for a redeeming moment that doesn't quite materialize. The acting was on point without exception, but it couldn't save an ending that just ends up feeling hollow.

Reviewed by jonas-wachner 5 / 10

Great start, then becomes unrealistic

Great start, good acting, good music location etc. But then they all become super greedy, nobody covers when they get the money from the walls, they fly with way too much weight, etc. I always think a movie is really bad when you think the whole time "what the f, that's just dumb". This is one of those movies.

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