The Pact II


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 3081


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Caity Lotz as Annie
Camilla Luddington as June Abbott
Scott Michael Foster as Officer Meyer
Patrick Fischler as FBI Agent Ballard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ivanoil 2 / 10

Where is the pun? zZ zZ

Horrible , horrible boring picture .I feel like they felt obligated to make a part 2 for The pact , but why . Why to cripple such a well made horror movie , ill tell you why : to milk the dead cow of money. Sure they could have made a better film i believe but they failed miserably .This movie is not horror , it is plain boring from A to Z. Have you ever wondered how the first one would look like if they took all of the scary and interesting parts out , well here you go .This time i agree with the score it got on site ,you know what ? it should get an even worse one. One good thing are the actors, who are by the way are not so good but still if it wasn't for them , the movie would probably look like a trash can.

Reviewed by suite92 3 / 10

Murders continue in the sequel.

June is an artist who illustrates the dark visions she has. She is also a crime scene cleaner for hire. The film opens to her scrubbing up the mess in Annie's apartment after the first film. Some weeks later, there is a semi-copycat killing. June's boyfriend is Officer Meyer from the local police force. Early on, they squabble about June's spending time with her mother Maggie. He tells her about the latest bloody crime, and the arrival of FBI agent Ballard. He agrees to recommend her as the cleaner for this latest mess.

Maggie has many needs, and expects daughter June to fulfill them, but she is not that good at notification in regards to scheduling. June gets tired of her professional schedule being squeezed. Officer Meyer thinks the FBI agent Ballard is a high-handed pain; Ballard thinks Daniel is a low level factotum. June keeps venting her dark visions through illustration, and lets Ballard know her low opinion of him. Ballard has plenty of demands for Lt Carver, but little to offer in return.

Ballard delivers some information bombshells to June about her mother and her connection to the original crimes of the Judas Killer. This increases June's distress, and everyone's hard feelings in general. As one might expect from such films, more bad things start to happen.

As the second act deepens, the petty irritations are still there, but pale in comparison to the quest to identify and stop the murderer. Is June the murderer, or perhaps Ballard? Is the supernatural truly involved, or do we have odd behaviour due to stress? Will it actually help to bring Annie and Stevie (both from the first film) back to consult?

On the one hand, there was nothing inventive or new. On the other hand, there were plenty of clichés, irritation instead of suspense, unexplained phenomena, and unconcluded conversations.

Reviewed by MitchellCombden 3 / 10

a cheap imitation of its predecessor,

the pact II (2014) directed by the duo of Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick Horvath is everything anyone would expect from a low budget sequel to a sleeper hit like the first pact movie. there are many issues with this movie but also a few positives. so let's get started.

firstly the script is very messy in the way that it goes about telling its story. it attempts to tie a supernatural element to a real life serial killer plot line (much like the first pact movie) and fails in almost every way. the biggest issue here is that it tries extremely hard to mirror the script of the first movie but pales in comparison. the story they intended to tell here could have been pulled off but its execution was awful and messy mainly because of what type of movie it is trying to be. the pact II tries very hard to be more of a horror movie than a mystery where the first movie was a carefully crafted blend of the two genres. this means that the pact II tries to tell it's story through jump scares and ghostly visuals. this comes off as very cheap and annoying. in no way is the story itself bad, it's just the way it's executed and the over abundance of cheap scares rather than actual mystery.

in technical terms the camera work, lighting, and score all pale in comparison to the original. they are not necessarily bad it's just that they aren't really given a chance to truly shine due to the over abundance of jump scares. the acting is also something that should be mentioned. the acting in this film is truly the most horrifying part. this probably wouldn't have been such a major issue if the acting in the first movie wasn't so great. the lead does an alright job but everybody else give awful performances in every regard.

the only real positive thing I can say about this messy, messy film is that the first 20 minutes are a pretty darn good buildup and also had the only scene of any real tension in it. I wont spoil it, but this scene is actually very good. if the film had more scenes like this one it probably would have fared much better.

overall The Pact II is a cheap imitation of its predecessor with none of the diligent story telling and excellently directed scare scenes of the original. a messy script, bad acting, mediocre direction, a less than memorable score as well as an over abundance of cheap jump scares this movie fails in almost every way.

the verdict: 3.5/10

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