The Pentagon Wars


Comedy / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 3394


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Viola Davis as Sgt. Fanning
Cary Elwes as Colonel James Burton
Kelsey Grammer as General Partridge
John C. McGinley as Colonel J.D. Bock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kakilliany 10 / 10

Amazingly lighthanded telling of infuriating Pentagon bureaucraticinfighting

The story itself--the crazy process whereby a simple request for an improved armored personnel carrier resulted in the ridiculous initial design for the Bradley transport--is one that should be well-known. It is the ultimate cautionary tale about a bureaucracy gone out of control. What is amazing is the light-handed skill with which the story is told--it is funny when it should be, yet sucks you in sufficiently to get you really mad at what is going on. And the casting is superb.

Reviewed by silverauk 8 / 10

The war for a good quality troopers-transport vehicle.

This movie could have been good to watch on a big screen. The humor is good, the dialogues are fine and the actors never overact. General Partridge (Kelsey Grammer) forgets that the business of war begins with providing good material to the troops. Colonel James Burton (Cary Elwes) knows this and he delivers a speech to the test-company that must make a demonstration of the Bradley troop transporter. The senatorial commission cannot understand that the development costs of the vehicle lasted for 17 years and costed 14 billion dollars. The hearings and questions of that commission provides one of the most humoristic scenes of the movie and are unsurpassed by other political movies.

Reviewed by papamac630 8 / 10 understand the military...

Anyone who has ever been connected to the military understands the great oxymoron that it is...and probably always will be...but this movie is a classic example of how the military can run amok if it isn't closely monitored...although the humor in this movie does help to make it easier to take...there are a few notable performances that elevate this past the "TV Movie Of The Week" stereotype...Richard Schiff as the put-upon colonel who gets the Bradley project dumped on him 1st, Cary Elwes as the Air Force lieutenant colonel who ends up with the task, Kelsey Grammar as a smug and pompous Army general...all spice up the film and make it better than it should have the end, there is a scene involving the enlisted men on the testing team and Elwes that could be considered semi-sappy...unless you served in the military and understand the relationship between the men and Elwes and how it evolved...then that scene is strikingly will love the part about the sheep...and I can assure you, having been in the Army, yes, this is how Army people talk and act...get this movie, watch this movie, enjoy this's a nice vacation from today's headlines...and you will roll your eyes at the end...

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