The Perfect Day


Action / Drama

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Dean Cain as Agent Reynolds
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarina-vergeer 1 / 10

Patriottisme in the WORST way.

I still can't believe this is actually a serious movie. Besides the obvious racism in this film and the glorification of war, it's also poorly made. Storyline is just weird half of the time. You tell your pet moslim to come with you, to wear a suit and then you tell him to stay in the car because it's not the right time for him to come with. That's just the worst scriptwriting imo. If you're not a nationalist with an American flag on your porch who says things like "Go back to your own country!" Then you'll prob don't enjoy this film. :'-)

Reviewed by dncorp 7 / 10

Democrats will hate this movie

This Movie goes against everything the Democrats U.S. Labor Union Owned Teachers and Professors preach as Democrat Propaganda instead of actually Teaching.

I know We caused the Osama Bin Laden Revenge Attacks from being a participant, 1993 OBL First Attack of the World Trade Center as Revenge for Our U.S. Airstrikes and U.S. Cruise Missile Attacks against Muslims. 1996 U.S. Military Operation Desert Strike Osama 1998 Bin Laden Revenge attack U.S. Embassy Kenya, 1998 U.S. Military Operation Desert Fox, and Democrat President Clinton's 1998 Declared War Against U.S. Ally Iraq, 2000 Osama Bin Laden Revenge attack of the U.S.S. Cole Yemen, Second Attack of the World Trade Center as the 9/11 2001 Attacks.

I know what I had caused so September 2001 after the 9/11 2001 Attacks, I volunteered to go to Afghanistan to attempt Republican President G.W. Bush's CIA Operation Neptune Spear, as Locate and Capture Osama Bin Laden. I was accepted because of my previous involvement with CIA Operation Cyclone at Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Reviewed by jtoddg2 1 / 10


I thought this was a joke until, I actually took time out of my day to try and watch this. Fast forwarding through almost to the end. The opening, WEIRD. The message WEIRD. The acting AWFUL, just awful. Except the terriost, he was great. Weak storyline, poorly written, poorly edited, lacks direction, no character development and just misses all together. I get it everyone's reaching for that star, this falls immensely short. What's the deal with your real wife in the background of the scene with I guess was suppose to be your old girlfriend? Who wrote that in? Jay stick to chasing down guys in your yard with your machine gun, acting ain't your thing brotha. Dean Cain WTF bro - from the AWARD WINNING FILM MAKER OF UNTIL IT HURTS. Love you!!! Truth

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