City of Lies


Biography / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Johnny Depp as Russell Poole
Forest Whitaker as Jack Jackson
Brandon Molale as Strip Club Bouncer
Xander Berkeley as Edwards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaoneal 6 / 10

Deserved a better fate

I must admit, what intrigued me about this movie was less the subject matter (I'm neither a big fan of rap nor conspiracy theories) but rather the fact that it was shelved after production. It just isn't that common for a big budget movie featuring A-list actors to get completely shelved--particularly in this day when Netflix and Amazon are always a way for studios to recoup production costs on movies they don't think will earn a profit. One had to wonder whether the movie was just a complete train wreck in terms of quality, or whether the content was just too controversial for the studios involved.

So I was eager to see for myself. Having seen it, it was a little disappointing in that it is neither a train wreck furthering nails into the coffin of Johnny Depp's disappearing career, nor was it particularly explosive in terms of content. It was a little above just "OK" (5.5 is a little more accurate than the 6 stars I ended up giving it). In terms of quality, it is reminiscent of Zodiac, but lacked the pathos that Fincher was able to imbue to characters who similarly couldn't put an unsolved murder behind them. In terms of content, Lt. Poole's story has been out there for quite some time and this adds nothing new.

The first half of the movie involves Depp and Whitaker reminiscing about the facts of the Christopher 'Biggie' Smalls murder case, which are related in a series of flashback scenes to 16 years earlier. This part of the movie is successful and engrossing.

Unfortunately the 2nd half of the movie really stalls out, as one can't help but wonder what the two main characters have been doing over the past 15 years. Why are they still obsessed? What leads have they been trying to turn up? What compulsions are driving them?

Rather than explore this, the movie spends too long on a seemingly pointless side-plot about Poole's estrangement from his son and some seemingly minor troubles the reporter has with his boss and the police.

The finale is as unsatisfying as the actual investigation in the murder.

Again, the movie is OK, with the first half being engrossing and educational. But much like the actual case, it faltered in follow-up and resolution. Ultimately viewing it gave me no insight on why it was shelved. Everything about this affair seems like it deserved a better fate than it has received.

Reviewed by melek-coban 10 / 10

I Love them!!! City of lies

Really, the fiction here is great. Johnny's already a great player. no need to say another.

Reviewed by bigblack2009 10 / 10

The search for the truth among murders, rap and lies

The screen turns on. The voice of the commentator speaks of incidents in the crowd, confusion and pepper spray: it is the story of the funeral of Notorious B. I. G., in March of 1997. Even before the start of the film, City of Lies forces us to confront a bitter reflection of past and present, between United States and Italy, between the needs of control and large crowds gathered in tight spaces.

Even in those distant 90 years there was talk of crimes linked to rap: B.I.G. was killed just a few months after Tupac Shakur, his former friend turned worst rival. Two facts of blood on which, after more than 20 years, has not yet been made bright light, in a web of lies and red herrings in the midst of that City of Lies. The book from which the film is based on is called The Labyrinth, with the capital letters to indicate Los Angeles, and the feeling is actually being in a maze full of dead ends and without an output defined. The film is based largely on the performance of the actors Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker, but fans of rap will be especially thrilled by the times when the screen appears Voletta Wallace, mother of rapper of Brooklyn, to portray herself and her eternal struggle to uncover the truth about his son's death.

City of Lies collects new ideas on unsolved cases of Biggie and Pac and tells the investigative cases human dimension parallel to that of the people who are still investigating. But the reason why I recommend the vision is its testimony on the role that the rap and its stars have now assumed in global society. Even dramatically, when rivalry and huge economic interests are paid in blood.

The deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. were of huge losses from an artistic point of view. Both disappeared before they were 30 years old, they had time to leave an amazing legacy on which rappers of 2019 continue to build. Interested in the truth about their end does not mean chasing justice through the courts or guilty by whisking in the electric chair. It means seeking the historical moment of "beginning of the end" of the golden age of rap, and try to prevent the seeds of violence and stupid, blind greed continue to generate casualties among us and among our listeners.

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