Down with Love


Comedy / Romance

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Renée Zellweger as Barbara Novak
Ewan McGregor as Catcher Block
Lynn Collins as Beatnik Girl
Sarah Paulson as Vikki Hiller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by littlemartinarocena 3 / 10

Down And Then Some

I loved the Doris Day/Rock Hudson pastiches and some of the comedies that followed with the extraordinary Doris and a varied but terrific succession of leading men. In particular with James Garner in "The Thrill Of It All" The secret there, I believe, was a smart and knowing script an unmistakable chemistry between the stars and performances that were solidly based on reality no matter how "out there" they seem to be. Here, the whole thing is so self conscious that we are never allow to go beyond it and actually enjoy the whole thing. Rene Zellwegger is a very good actress but not a natural comedienne. She's at her best when she's thoroughly thorough as in "Nurse Beatty" where she was very funny mostly because her conviction was so convincingly strong. Here she plays it like in a SNL sketch and could have worked if it had had the length of one of those sketches. In "Down With Love" she's downright annoying. Ewan McGregor, one of my favorites, is not even there. Let me explain. Think of Rock Hudson's commitment to those roles. The charm he was able to emanate and how naturally he became the foil for Doris Day. Here Zellwegger and McGregor don't play opposite each other but against each other. No chemistry whatsoever. Ewan McGregor so wonderful, powerful and beautiful in "Velvet Goldmine" "Shallow Grave" not to mention "Moulin Rouge", is kind of insignificant here. Yes, I'm amazed myself. Doesn't have a hint of the romantic manliness of Rock Hudson, isn't that funny? I didn't like either the on the nose production design, the silly costumes, the theatrical make up and hair nor the unimaginative lighting. Other than that, David Hyde Pierce is, almost, worth the price of admission.

Reviewed by preppy-3 9 / 10

Not for the casual moviegoer

It's 1962 New York. Barbara Novak (Renee Zellweger) has written a book called "Down With Love" convincing woman that they don't need a man or love or sex to succeed and be happy with themselves. Womanizer Catcher Block (Ewan McGregor) is determined to prove her wrong.

This is many things--an affectionate remake of those silly Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies; a sweet sendup of them at the same time; a perfect example of 1960s sex comedies with a 2000s twist; a huge barrel of laughs for film buffs with its perfect remake of a 1960s film and an examination of sexual mores and stereotypes of the 1960s.

The movie look like a Day/Hudson movie right down to the fashions Zellweger wears, the VERY colorful sets, the obviously painted backdrops from penthouse apartments and the crappy back projection in cars. There's also a hysterical (and very dirty) use of split screen during a phone conversation between Zellweger and McGregor. The movie even opens with the old Cinemascope logo used in films of that era!

The cast is right on target--Zellweger and McGregor give their all to the performances--they wink at the audience all the time...but not TOO much. David Hyde Pierce (doing Tony Randall) and Sarah Paulson are also very funny with the dreaded best friends role. The only real problem is the script. It is sharp and funny but occasionally bogs down and some of the twists are too obvious.

Still, I enjoyed it. The casual moviegoer will probably hate this--unless you get the inside jokes all throughout the film you'll think you're watching a badly dated sex comedy. But it's not--it's a parody and an affectionate sendup. This will be most appreciated by film buffs or students.

Reviewed by jk-332 4 / 10

Really fizzles down the stretch

I actually liked the gimmick (sending up the old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies) and the way they set it up in the beginning. Loved the costumes and the set design, and, as others have noted, how they tried to match the style of the originals. But the storyline really fell apart pretty quickly, and especially as we wound toward the end and there were suddenly layers upon layers of new story added. Like, WHAT? I found the whole payoff to the story beyond redemption.

I guess, overall, I would say the movie came off charmless and forced, and there was no chemistry between Zellweger and McGregor. Plus he didn't look at all like the hunks of that time period. (Too small, for one thing -- think Rock Hudson and James Garner. Or even Dean Martin. They're all tall and more muscular.) I also thought that RZ and EMc seemed to be playing in two different movies, neither of which would've been anywhere near the 60s.

I agree that David Hyde Pierce brightens the movie every time he shows up. It's just that there's not enough DHP to save the whole movie.

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