The Return of the Living Dead


Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 49036


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Clu Gulager as Burt
Linnea Quigley as Trash
John Philbin as Chuck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JustWatching7 8 / 10

Pretty funny 80s horror

This film is hilarious on how to play with the expectations of the zombie genre. Also, the physical actor and the effects for the Tarman are unbelievable. The acting in the film are enjoyably cheesy and the characters are enjoyable to hang out with, who would've thought that a group of punks could be friends with cheery, normally dressed girl. It's over the top and and the tropes of each character are taken to the extreme, which is great. The only flaw I seem to remember from the film (it's been awhile) was only one scene that I felt was unnecessary and went on longer than it needed to. But, overall, it's a fun time.

Reviewed by chrislawuk 10 / 10

Fantastic, best movie of the 80's

This movie is one of my favourites. Its very unique blend of 80s punk culture and the zombie movie works so well. The acting is 1st class providing some unparalleled performances. To have such a magnificent selection of odd ball characters in the same movie is one in a Billion. The late Dan O'Bannon died far to early and this movie is testament to that. The music, characters, script, and some of the best use of traditional prosthetics and effects techniques ever, all help make this movie a cult classic. It definitely deserves to be up there on center stage next to George Romero's work, in fact its in a class of its own.

Reviewed by spencergrande6 8 / 10

This movie is like very little else out there

This movie is like very little else out there. It's a zombie comedy that isn't a full-on splatterfest like most, doesn't offer some overly humorous social satire (there's subtle jabs at Agent Orange and Nazis), and doesn't have a high-concept premise (for a zombie movies that is). What you have is dry as hell, with punk rockers (timely for the time - Repo Man meets zombies?), Nazi morticians smoking pipes and listening to their Walkman while embalming, and Quigley nudity for its own sake, but characters are in on it and equally celebrate and scold her. It has iconic scenes and quotes though I'm sure a lot of people have no idea they're actually from this.

It just works - it's funny, weird, creepy, gory, and always entertaining. A hard mix to pull off and one that happens with success very rarely. It's always said that there's a fine line between horror and comedy - the pros can straddle it like a daring high-wire act and this is one of them. If only the ending weren't so abruptly anti- climactic and there were a few more naked zombie Quigley kill scenes it'd be a perfect cult classic.

Gotta love the very serious Suicide while naked Quigley grinds on him: "No one understands me, you know that." "You think this is a f***in' costume? This is a way of life." "Hey, what's wrong with you, man? Show some f***ing respect for the dead, will ya?" All this because he was called a "spooky motherf***er."

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