The Rich Man's Wife



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Halle Berry as Josie Potenza
Clive Owen as Jake Golden
Christopher McDonald as Tony Potenza
Peter Greene as Cole Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by witchcraftpentagrams 10 / 10

Rent It As Soon As You Can

This was a bloody excellent movie. I would see this again and again and again. Very good cast selection and Halle Berry looks so different in 1996. This has got a couple of jumps and stuff in it and I was so thrilled by the suspense that i accidentally pierced my arm rest on my chair with my fingernails. Now over here in Australia, apparently this movie doesn't exist, but I saw a copy in a DVD store and luckily it was rated MA so i got it straight away and i was so excited about it, i had to hit myself. Very good cast, direction, acting, sets and if you live in Australia and you see a copy of this movie, get it straight away because it is extremely rare since it is only on video now and they have stopped all production of videos. If somebody says this is a chick flick, they have no idea what this movie is.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 7 / 10

Early Halle Berry and Clive Owen Neo-Noir

An early movie by three lead actors who would go on to super-stardom, well Peter Green is not a superstar but makes a super villain. This is a slightly above average movie pastime that is not bad, but is bogged down by some genre conventions that are, well, conventional. The twist ending was completely unnecessary and for that indulgence it can be faulted.

The supporting cast is good and the cinematography is excellent. There is one scene that stands out (in the park) for all those movie fans that recognize that hitting a moving target with a handgun is not as easy as it looks in most Hollywood products.

The camera loves Halle Berry and here she displays some acting chops that would prove that she was not just another (very) pretty girl. So this is an average to slightly above average Neo-Noir that can be enjoyed for the best of it.

Reviewed by howdymax 6 / 10

Strangers on a Train vs The Usual Suspects

It would appear that the writers of this rather muddled movie were in a big rush to get the script in. They borrowed elements of a number of movies, including the two in my summary, patched them together and voila. Instant movie.

Don't get me wrong, this movie isn't a total loss. If you just consider the acting, we have two standouts. Peter Greene as one of the vilest villains I've seen in a while, and Clea Lewis as the greedy, vindictive wife of the best friend.

Let's not forget Halle Berry. No, let's not. Her acting is always credible, even when she's forced to recite lines like these. And I can assure you she is as adorable in person as she is on screen. I worked with her on a mini-series called "The Wedding" some years ago. She was pleasant, professional, cheerful, friendly, and beautiful. Gee, I almost sound like I'm gushing, but I have worked a lot of movies with a lot of actors, and she really did stand out.

All in all, I don't think you can lose by spending a little time with this movie, but I have to warn you: There are more plot holes in it than there are pot holes in Jersey City.

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