The Road


Action / Adventure / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian Rupert 7 / 10

Not bad, but a few annoying points

Ok, this movie isn't bad. It entertains me when I'm on a post-apocalyptic movie kick.

The camera work and settings are well done. The acting is good. The story is decent overall, besides a few parts that always annoy me.

I'll go over those:

1. The kid. He's way too old to be such a absolute sissy. I know he's had a rougher life than any of us can imagine, but wouldn't that more likely make him a tough little dude? He constantly cries and whines. It would have been a much more effective movie if he were a) younger, b) a girl, or c) tougher

2. The cache of food and supplies they find. I guess that was put there by the only anti-gun survivalists in the USA? All that stuff and no weapons of any kind. Nope. What good are all the supplies in the world when someone with a BB gun can take it all from you? Any survivalist knows you have to be able to defend your stash because 99.9% of people don't prepare for as much as a week long ice storm, and they will take what is yours in order to survive. Also, the reasoning for leaving it was really stupid. They heard a noise...and left their best bet to survive since the day the "event" happened. If it was someone hanging around to hurt them, wouldn't they have been attacked when they left? They didn't even leave in the dark. WUT?

3. No good reason for going south. With no sunlight penetrating anywhere, it probably wouldn't be much warmer and there certainly wouldn't be anything growing there...Without sunlight, the ocean is as dead as the land. They could have said "We heard there was a call for people to go there and start a community" or something.

4. Stereotypical bad guys....another reviewer put it perfectly as "NASCAR cannibals" Deplorables, right?

5. A wimpy marine flare killing a guy from 50 yards away by hitting him in the chest. Nope, not gonna happen. It's an Estes rocket engine with some added metal/chemical powder to make it bright. It is no more powerful than one of the large bottle rockets you launch on the 4th.

This may sound like a lot of complaints, but there is more good than bad. Aside from the kid annoying me, most of my complaints are nit-picks.

Reviewed by ak-18218 1 / 10

The Worst Movie Ever

Congratz! This shitty movie gets the prize named "The Worst Movie Ever"! boring af

Reviewed by eleagece 10 / 10

Carry the fire

This movie is an essay on humanity: why we are the way we are. Why some give up, why some fight against everything, why some are good, why some are evil.

Why love is not immutable, why the time chooses you and you don't choose the time. Why life is not what you expect, but what you can do with what you get. Why purpose is the engine of life. Why carrying the fire is the most important thing.

Based on the namesake novel by Cormac McCarthy, The Road translates perfectly the thrill and reflection of the book. The acting by Viggo Mortensen, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Charlize Theron conveys every emotion without the need of any ornament. The art direction with the contrast between the dreams from the past and the desolation in the present is perfect. The photography and the art direction are a punch in your stomach. And finally, the edit and direction are masterful. John Hillcoat makes the story crawl the way the life does in that apocalyptic world: slow and with determination.

For me, this is with Children of Men on of the best films about what happens when society as we know gets destroyed and humanity shows what is really all about

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