Ultimate Avengers II


Action / Adventure / Animation / Sci-Fi

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Mark Hamill as Oiler
Olivia d'Abo as Black Widow / Natalia Romanoff
Nolan North as Giant Man / Hank Pym
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 5 / 10

Ultimate Avengers II: A step up from the first

I walked away from the first Ultimate Avengers movie somewhat underwhelmed, I felt it lacked depth and a decent antagonist.

Though this suffers from many of the same issues I consider it an improvement. Although there is little story to speak of its direct continuation gives it an additional star from me.

Telling the story of the Chitauri returning to attack Africa and the Black Panther joining the Avengers to fend them off. Pretty standard stuff, but its been done relatively well.

I'm just not keen on the "Ultimate" stuff, I like consistency not alternative dimensions and timelines. Because of this there are bits here and there that bothered me more than they really should.

A harmless effort for fans of Marvel anime but don't expect much.

The Good:

Improvement on the first

Great antagonist

Direct sequel

The Bad:

Some characters look weird

Panther powers, really?

Reviewed by dylanmiles1 7 / 10

Pretty Good

I really liked it. However I think when you have that many characters it's probably not a good idea to introduce a new one, especially a character like the Black Panther. He's cool, he's just not that well known. I wonder if they introduced him because there might be a Black Panther movie coming up? Anyway, my main gripe with the movie is the Hulk. He's the reason why I and a lot of others watch the movies in the first place, and then after the first one they just sideline him? What kind of logic is that? The Hulk is money in the bank (green). Way way way underused/abused. Bring him back. I think the creators (who have done a great job) should look at Bruce Timm et al.'s Justice League series to handle that amount of characters and still please everyone. I think JL was done in such a way (that is, after the first season's somewhat rocky start)that the episodes played to each of the characters strengths. I don't think this has happened in the Ultimate Avengers 2. The first one was much closer to accomplishing that. Also, after the first one and waiting for the second I was disappointed with the plot, same villains, same set up. I was like, "The first movie all over again..." It obviously wasn't exactly like the first but I thought it would have played better if the creators broke from the first one altogether and started a new plot. I was disappointed with the plot in UA2. Over all, it's very good. Animation is great, action is great, voice talent great. It's great to see Captain America back the way he always should have been. I think with these creators we're in very good hands. But bring back the Hulk!!!!

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 8 / 10

They can make a whole series of these movies

The animation is superb! This movie is a sequel to the first Ultimate Avengers movie and maybe even a better one! They paid more attention to developing characters,but it could have been much more.Because that is what makes these superheroes special! There were nice little surprises in this movie and I don't know if this is based on actual story lines in the marvel comics. It is nice to see a mature approach of things,just like in the comics. For me "UM2" is an example of what can be achieved if they take the myths created by Marvel Comics seriously!. I can't get enough of this! Bring it on,make more of these kind of movies! Although Bruce Banner also starred in this movie,the Hulk didn't appear very long. Too bad,because it is always nice to see Hulk smash things. Next time more Hulk, or even an animated movie of Hulk!

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