Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Vivica A. Fox as President Ellen Henricksen
Daniel Baldwin as Secretary of Defense Weathers
Vernon Wells as Murphy
Devanny Pinn as The Crossbreed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mike_nightingale 1 / 10

This needs negative stars!

3 mins in... oh dear, worse than the trailer so far! 7:30 Acting: none yet... 10:00: I think they are going for the cliché world record! 16:00 Naked hooker robot. ✔ 20:00 "Old comrades meet and bond" ✔ 23:04 "This is a simple mission" ✔ 24:00 "Clean and by the book!" ✔ 26:00 "Hesitation can get you killed!" ✔ 29:00 "This is not what we signed up for!" ✔ 35:00 Argh! I can't take it no more! That trailer is the best of this...dreck! If you can believe the inside of a ship's engine room is a space ship, and you can't tell good from bad acting, plus you've never seen a science fiction or action movie, this might be for you.

Reviewed by rondavhar 1 / 10


Not even worth watching the trailer! Baldwin looks really unwell in this and perhaps should retire rather than sink any further!

Reviewed by dpraptor 4 / 10

At least this movie gave some jobs to struggling actors!

I'm going out on a limb and giving this 4 stars. The story wasn't terrible, the acting was bad, but that happens a lot with nooby actors. I've seen a lot worse, so I at least appreciate the work everyone did, even if it turned out as poor as this is. There were some decent scenes that keep my interest, but not many.

It was just really funny how one guy could sit right in the line of fire, and 5 guys with guns were plastering the wall (and doing NO damage!) right next to him.....(While he cut a few of them down). Or the guy chopping up someone, and NO blood anywhere, even on the machete! hahahah!

Aside from that, if you can stomach low budget, silly scifi movies with really poor fight scenes and dumb lines, go for it!

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