The Screaming Woman


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 651

Keywords:   mental illness, inheritance, madness, buried alive, nervous breakdown, hagsploitation, movie of the week, nobody believes


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Olivia de Havilland as Laura Wynant
Laraine Stephens as Caroline Wynant
Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Amos Larkin
Ed Nelson as Carl Nesbitt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by riverheadestelle 10 / 10

A Shocker At The Time!

Yes, this was one of ABC's more graphic 'Movie of the Week' thrillers. What shocked me was seeing a woman buried alive still being able to communicate as dirt is falling down on her face. A few years ago, I had acquired this longing for finding most, if not all, of the ABC movie titles I had grown up watching, and this movie was hard to find! I managed to get a grainy but still watchable copy through Ebay after bidding and losing on it a few times.

This is another one of those flicks which hasn't been rebroadcast in over thirty years. The great thing about this movie was that the son seemed more sympathetic to his mother's story. It's almost as if he never wanted to believe that she was crazy to begin with. The daughter-in-law, on the other hand, comes across as a greedy you-know-what who is anxious to have Laura committed for the sole purpose of getting control of the estate through her more reluctant husband. One gets the feeling that she hates her mother-in-law and only married the son because he comes from money.

The scene where Laura bribes a kid to dig up the area where the voices are coming from is unforgettable. She gives the kid two dollars, I think, to do it, but he is scared off by the shock of such a gruesome discovery. Great movie!

It is too bad that the Hollywood industry doesn't see fit to preserve television movies or give them the same consideration. Back in the 70's, the television movie was still a relatively new art form that left a great deal of room for experimentation. Perhaps that's why many of these features still strike a chord with many folks today.

Reviewed by DiggityDogg 10 / 10

One of the great 70's horror TV flicks

This movie is WONDERFUL. I remember this was one of many great horror flicks ABC made for TV. Others included "When Michael Calls" and "Haunts of the Very Rich". I'd be first in line to buy a DVD box set of those old flicks.

Reviewed by ggcook 8 / 10

great thriller of the 70's

Like many others, this is the one horror movie that really affected me when I saw it as a child. I used to have nightmares and get chills thinking about it. I remember really being frightened of the sounds coming out of the ground. Probably shouldn't have watched this type of movie at such a young age. As an adult, I have talked about this movie to friends who had never heard of it and told them that it would be great to find a copy so that they could see it. I'm sure it would still scare the heck out of me now. I would love to get it and invite a bunch of friends over and watch it in our theater room. The impact of this movie would be so much greater on a large screen versus the small television that we had in the 70's. It would be interesting to see how my teenagers would react to it and how they would compare it to the scary movies of today.

Obviously, for me, this horror movie did what it intended to do! SCARE ME!!!

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