The Sea of Trees


Drama / Fantasy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6 10 11509


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Matthew McConaughey as Arthur Brennan
Naomi Watts as Joan Brennan
Katie Aselton as Gabriella Laforte
Ken Watanabe as Takumi Nakamura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

ponderous journey of self-discovery

Arthur Brennan (Matthew McConaughey) travels to the Aokigahara forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide. There, he encounters Takumi Nakamura (Ken Watanabe). The movie also shows his troubled marriage to Joan Brennan (Naomi Watts).

Director Gus Van Sant delivers a ponderous journey of self-discovery. Neither timeline is that compelling. The troubled marriage lacks energy which ends in a silly surprise reveal. The walk in the forest is only that while the audience waits for the inevitable reveal. This felt much longer than its running time.

Reviewed by krocheav 8 / 10

Adrift in a Sea of Trees

Over recent years, several reviewers have mentioned finding the reviews and critical reactions given by the Academy and Festival critics - for mainstream and other titles, to be just about worthless. "Trees" is a reasonable case in point. While Mad Max and the like, are hailed way above their station, thoughtful life-affirming works are being thrown away – some have begun to question these baseless critics.

Chris Sparling (Buried 2010) with 'Sea of Trees', has written a thoughtful study about the places the mind goes when overcome by grief. The entire impact of this movie is fully engrossing. The performances, script, direction - the hauntingly beautiful cinematography by Danish documentary maker Kasper Tuxen, the artistic production design, all wrapped up in a score by modern symphonics composer Mason Bates, offers much to be admired.

It's an exhausting experience for the thoughtful, patient viewer. At first, this looked like it was about to be yet another story unfolding in flash backwards/forwards mode - that often leaves you with little resolution. Thankfully, here, the pieces fit together in a rather unexpected way. It's slightly reminiscent of an earlier, now forgotten, Ben Hecht story "Miracle in the Rain" yet, also entirely different in overall tone. Mathew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe are perfect as the strangers brought together in the valley of death. It's good to see lovely Naomi Watts used to good advantage in a role worthy of her professionalism.

For those who like to think and feel their entertainment, this is a must. If depressed or burdened by grief you might not be so drawn to its topic. Still, it's all first class – regardless of the somewhat superficial festival crowds indifference.

Reviewed by ollicshe 8 / 10

Beautiful movie

I don't understand really why so low rating on IMDb. It's beautiful movie with talented actors, with nice soundtrack, with important thought about relationship and how we wast time of our life for quarrels. I enjoyed watching this movie. Highly recommended for couples.

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