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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kjjames81 4 / 10

A horror drama

Watched this earlier today, so the opening scenes think that your going to get a Saw style film with the gore, you don't. This film played out more of a drama with horror injected into the story more than an out and out horror movie. The story is okay, the Gore is almost non existent, it is very mild. The typical gangsters make it look more cheap than what the film would have liked it to be. So maybe you think that I hated it, no really it wasn't that bad. There were some good points in it, the acting was above par for this style of film, well some of it. Worth a watch but don't expect an above average movie.

Reviewed by grim2005 5 / 10

Starts strong, but becomes largely generic by the end

I'll Take Your Dead is the story of a widowed man who lives with his daughter and makes money by disposing of dead bodies for people. Unfortunately one of the dead bodies given to him by a client isn't dead, which becomes quite a problem for him.

The movie started out well. The concept is interesting, the atmosphere is nice and unsettling, and the daughter was great, but unfortunately it mostly derails by the end.

The main problem with the movie is that the story ends up devolving into a story we've seen many times before, about a guy in a shady line of work who is presented with a difficult decision, chooses to do the right thing, and then has to defend himself against the consequences of that decision.

In addition to this, the daughter loses her morbid nature part way through the film, which makes her less interesting. The choice to open the film with narration that lets you know that not everyone will survive was also a poor choice, ruining the tension towards the end of the film, as it's not very difficult to guess who's going to die. The movie also has a small supernatural element to it, but I felt it was not used particularly well.

It's not a bad film, but it's hard to recommend that anybody go out of their way to see it. But if you want something a little unsettling to watch, you could do worse than this movie.

Reviewed by Medevi1 4 / 10

Almost hit the mark.

This movie for me was a case of mistaken identity. While classified as a horror movie, it would have been better off as a crime/drama. It has that nice gritty element that we all know and love. Initially it starts off with a real horror vibe, but quickly focuses more towards the criminal underbelly. That's where the focus should have remained. The film could have had that raw intensity of "Training Day" or "Taken", but the film losses it's moment when trying to remain a horror movie. Sadly a case of shoulda, coulda, woulda. A some what compelling storyline, although relatively predictable. Followed by a fumbled climax that seems to be grasping at straws. Coulda easily been a much better movie. I thought the cinematography was good, as well as the actors. Shoulda left the horror element out, and woulda been much better off.

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