The Snowtown Murders


Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / History / Horror / Mystery

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Daniel Henshall as John Bunting
Lucas Pittaway as Jamie Vlassakis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrimir 10 / 10

A realistic nightmarish movie

Until this movie and after, absolutely all the movies with psychopaths are a joke. Hollywood movies, horrors, gore films, psychological thrillers and so on are pitiful. None can surprise the reality of a psychopath, more frightening than any fiction, like this movie. Now, I only want to miss this nightmare, although I am proud to have healed myself from any pseudo- psychological understanding of the psychopath. I recommend it the ones less weakest heart in order just to get rid of the same delusions as mine, about the 'humanity of psychopath' - the oxymoron that creates the illusion that you can deal with a psychopath untouched of psychic traumas if you are lucky enough not to be killed by him from pure pleasure.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10

Poor Skippy!

Snowtown, based on a true story, takes place just North of Adelaide, Australia, where a vulnerable young man, Jamie (Lucas Pittaway), falls in with a psychopath, John (Daniel Henshall), who has an intense hatred for paedophiles, gays, the obese, and drug users. Beginning with the harassment of a perverted neighbour (by chucking kangaroo parts onto his doorstep), John, Jamie, and a couple of other cohorts escalate their attacks, turning to murder.

Unrelentingly grim from start to finish, Snowtown certainly isn't easy viewing, its authentic white trash characters and realistic 'wrong side of the tracks' setting adding to the downbeat atmosphere. Rather surprisingly, the film isn't all that gory (graphic kangaroo dismemberment aside), with even the most brutal death scene, that of Jamie's older brother Troy (Anthony Groves), being relatively bloodless. Perhaps the hardest moment to stomach is Troy sodomising his helpless younger brother: now THAT was nasty.

Director Justin Kurzel's style takes a little getting used to (the first few scenes are fairly confusing) and there are one or two scenes that I'm still not entirely sure what purpose they serve, but overall Kurzel does a passable job for his full length debut. It's no Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, but Snowtown is worth watching at least once for those who are fascinated by the darker side of the psyche.

Reviewed by Heather 3 / 10

Really didn't feel it

I don't understand all of the reviews saying how dark and good this move was. Sorry but I'm a horror/dark movie fan and this did nothing for me. Just wanted to give a heads up to others who may be a fan of the genre. Movie was very disjointed and honestly could have been remarkably darker than it was.

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