The Stand


Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Molly Ringwald as Frannie Goldsmith 4 episodes, 1994
Rob Lowe as Nick Andros 4 episodes, 1994
Jeff Goldblum as Radio Announcer
Ed Harris as General Starkey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sweetkanake 10 / 10

Great adaptation

Great job adapting a really long and complex book. The characters are often very good (Bill Fagerbakke as Tom Cullen and Ray Walston as Glen Bateman, for example), and the storyline follows along that of the book. Of course, there are some things left out or changed, but that was needed to make the movie only 8 hours.

This is classic Stephen King, minus a lot of the gore that sometimes he's known for. It's the perpetual fight between good and evil. It was great to watch the story of one of my favorite books. Most of the characters bring such passion and reality to the story.

As a side note, I would recommend reading the prologue in Stephen King's newest edition of The Stand where he talks about making the movie.

Reviewed by jcholguin 10 / 10

A stand of good and evil

I don't know if Stephen King is a religious man or not but this movie is the greatest example of good vs evil that I have seen in a movie. There is so much taken from the bible about the final battle of God and Satan and what leads up to it is what makes this movie a true classic. The characters are displayed as humans with many problems but because of the time spent building up who they are, when a number of them die, a pain is felt for their loss. This film contains no superheroes who use their strengths of martial arts, guns or wits to fight Randall Flagg, the person of satan, just the trusting of a God that has a use for them. Dreams and visions inspire them to search for Mother Abigail Freemantle, who is 106 years old, and is used by God to encourage them to travel to Colorado. God can use anybody (mentally retarded Tom Cullen, old man Glen Bateman, old farmboy Ralph Brentner and even a deaf and mute non-believer of God, Nick Andros) in His battle against evil. Satan himself has his chosen ones (crazed trashcan man, secret spies in the camp Harold Lauder and Nadine Cross) to bring destruction to God's chosen ones. The final part as God's two witnesses stand against all of Flagg's evil henchmen, standing "in the name of God" is what makes a final battle a true final battle. Two men against hundreds, an impossibility to win but with God on your side, all things are possible. Perfect casting and perfect writing makes this the greatest of all the Stephen's Kings mini-movies. A must see, especially if the odds are against you right now!

Reviewed by dgoggans 4 / 10

Are there 2 versions of this...?

I read the rave reviews before I sat down to spend six hours watching "The Stand". By the beginning of part 2, I had to stop and check IMDb to see if there was another version, and maybe I was watching the cheap one.

The raves for the acting and casting baffle me most. Molly Ringwald is possibly the worst imaginable choice for such a pivotal role, and her acting throughout is embarrassingly awful. No one shines, but she stands out for all the wrong reasons.

My initial impression seemed so out of sync with the majority here that I forced myself to watch it all and keep an open mind, but the outcome didn't change.

It's tripe, people, acted and staged badly, and a total waste of six hours of your life. Read the book. It takes longer, but you'll get to do your own casting and staging, and you won't have to watch Ms. Ringwald.

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