The Stranger Beside Me



IMDb Rating 6.1 10 819

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Barbara Hershey as Ann Rule
Billy Campbell as Ted Bundy
Kevin Dunn as Dick Reed
Rekha Sharma as Dr. Thurston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sylviastel 7 / 10

Somewhat decent but not as good as the book!

Ann Rules' books including the Stranger Beside Me offers a detailed complex and complicated version of the events around Ted Bundy. Who would have thought that even a seasoned policewoman turned writer would be sitting next to a serial killer on Tuesdays nights for a Suicide hot line. There is no wonder that Ted Bundy got away with so much. He was brilliant and conscious. He graduated college and was attending law school. But there was a dark side behind the image of a charming, intelligent political promising young man and that is what Ann Rule tries to bring forth to the public in her book and in her movie. Sadly, the movie does touch on some bit of his past including the possible connection with a young girl's disappearance and the horrifying crimes against the women in the film. Not all of the victims were shown but the film can scare anybody from hitchhiking away for sure. Ann Rule was a lot stronger than the portrayal. She has three other children which are not at all mentioned. Barbara Hershey did a favorable job in playing Ann Rule. The actor, Billy Campbell, played Ted Bundy was absolutely chilling and tragic all at once. You just cringed with sadness when you heard the judge's remarks about him and if he had only chosen another way to live.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Pretty strong stuff

Eager former cop turned aspiring crime writer Ann Rule (an excellent performance by Barbara Hershey) documents a brutal series of murders stretching from Utah to Seattle. Unbeknonst to Ann, the killer is the extremely smart, charming and affable Ted Bundy (a chilling and convincing portrayal by Billy Campbell), a close personal friend who works with her at a local suicide hotline. Ably directed by Paul Shapiro, with a tight script by Matthew McDuffie and Matthew Tabak, a rattling, shivery score by Joseph Conlan, a reasonably gritty tone, slick cinematography by Ron Orieux, a steady pace, and several fairly nasty murder set pieces, this made-for-TV movie makes for very gripping and harrowing viewing. Hershey and Campbell both contribute superb work in the lead roles. The supporting cast are likewise fine and impressive: Kevin Dunn as a hard-nosed detective, Suki Kaiser as Bundy's adoring prison pen pal and eventual wife Kelly Parker, Brenda James as Bundy's chipper, unsuspecting girlfriend Margo, and Meghan Black as Ann's feisty teenage daughter Leslie. This movie commendably refuses to explain Bundy's severe seething psychosis; instead it just merely states that evil folks like him simply exist and leaves it at that. A grimly fascinating true crime flick.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

A Gripping Tale of an Uncontrollable Ego

This film is a fictional portrayal of Ann Rule's relationship with serial killer Ted Bundy (played by Billy Campbell). How true it is or not, I have no idea. It relies on Rule's point of view, with Rule being portrayed by Barbara Hershey, and some scenes do not even involve her, so at the very least the dialogue is just a bunch of bull.

Ted Bundy working with crime writer and ex-cop Ann Rule at a crisis hotline, where they have paramedics tracing the calls and arriving in record time. Also, Bundy as a Republican fundraiser and personal aide who knows the governor of Washington. I admit I never knew much about Bundy, but this is more interesting than I had imagined.

How Bundy, after being accused of murdering a dozen girls, gets out on bail is beyond me. He says that after one semester of law school he knows enough to "torpedo" the prosecution, but I have no idea how this can be true.

I appreciate the reference to Gary Gilmore and how Norman Mailer is writing a book about him. Gilmore is a far less-known killer, but treated here as though he is much bigger (which was probably true at the time). How he then escapes from Colorado and gets to Florida, gets a car, a fake identification and more... he is truly a criminal mastermind.

As I am not well-versed in Ted Bundy's story, and not not say how accurate this film is, I can say it was very well made. I was engaged, and enthralled by how interesting it was. And to be able to have both Ann Rule and Bundy's story told simultaneously adds a really good angle, since Bundy's story by itself would be more exploitative than anything.

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