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Beverly D'Angelo as Dean Melissa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emilykiki1 1 / 10

Don't waste your time

I have no idea why this movie has got such good reviews because it deserves none of them. One girl just dumps her best friend because of some guy she just met and the other, I don't even know where to begin. The way they talk about boys, friendship, college, basically everything, is totally unbelievable.

Both the characters are unlikeable, but especially Allie. She's rude to everyone, doesn't take anything seriously. Supposed to be a comedy but I didn't even laugh once.

Don't watch this piece of crap

Reviewed by mrskarideas 2 / 10


*full disclosure* I am 40 and probably not the target demographic of this movie. But I'd like to think that even when I was 20, I would still think this was horrendous. It's as though an old film exec was told that he needed to have a film from a young female perspective and he copied some old 80s sexist misogynistic teen film and switched the genders, so instead of a man being disgusting and objectifying, it was a woman. Hooray for a equality. There was literally no point to this film, there is no story, I didn't care about the characters or the relationships and everyone seemed unpleasant. There is no heart to this film. I don't know why I watch the whole thing, I think I just assumed that there would surely be some point to it. I was wrong.

Reviewed by Bohosoulsister 2 / 10


About 10 minutes in and this got turned off. Life is too short to watch mediocre movie.

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