Babes with Blades


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy

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Yennis Cheung as Amber
David Banner as Supporting Artist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by curtismenne 6 / 10

It delivers on the title.

There were babes and there were blades so it delivers on its title. I found the babes to be babely and the blades to be bladey. The acting is what you'd for a low budget film called Babes with Blades but the fight scenes were fun and I liked that it actually shows you the action unlike big budget productions that always do tight shots with quick shaky cuts so you can't tell the actors aren't actually doing any choreography.

It makes me wish stunt women like Zoe Bell or even Cecily Fay would be the new Captain Marvel or leading female superhero in the next big budget Marvel schlockfests so that at least the action scenes wouldn't have to be pure CGI and stunt performers, Anyway, if you're looking for a movie to have a few drinks to with your geeky friends than this movie will serve you with some silly fun and cool fight scenes while people cosplay.

Reviewed by italy_esam 1 / 10

Poor movie

It's a simple project with none since of telling a story! The acting is trouble the direction is awful the scenario is bad the costumes are bad It shouldn't be a movie

Reviewed by dgaddy-23297 10 / 10

Cecily Fay - what a talent

I really loved the martial art choreography. Cecily, according to the birthdate was 41 when she made this movie, she directed, produced, and I guess wrote it. I found it mesmerizing although some of the lines were a bit corny. Cecily, Great job!

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