Black Wake


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Eric Roberts as Dr. Frank
Brett Azar as Sergeant Rodriguez
Tom Sizemore as Detective Michaels
Vincent Pastore as Dr. Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Indyrod 1 / 10

A Mess of the Highest Order

I don't know why my local library stocked this, according to IMDB, hardly anybody has seen it, and I can see why. I don't how to review this total mess of a movie, so I'll just give you a few things that happen, and it is a found footage movie. First of all, the stars Eric Roberts has less than two minutes in the movie, and Tom Sizemore, has less than 3 minutes at the most. Some invading giant parasite has appeared in the Atlantic Ocean, and sends out these little parasites, that either causes peoples head to explode, or the people become zombies. The whole movie is told to us, from a lady that has viewed the tapes, and some kind of book that explains it all, but we, the audience gets no clue what it says. that's enough, the movie makes zero sense, the acting is horrible, and I have no idea where the writers ever got the idea to make this piece of crap. I would really like to know, if anybody else was silly enough to watch this. As I said, it didn't cost me anything, but anybody that borrows it from the library, is going to ask WTF. anyway, 1/5 and that one is for some of the practical effects that were not that bad. Stay way way clear of this trash....

Reviewed by surfisfun 1 / 10

skip this one.stiff acting

Stiff acting. Bad edit, shots, all. bad direction.. B movie that is not campy . bore fest. sorry to be so negative about it. worth 3 for effort.

the director must have some connections to have this made, maybe its a sort of demo? but it dosnt show good directing influences or inspiration.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

Can you see the light?

A parasite creating zombie-like creatures is infecting the Atlantic coast. Dr. Moreira (Nana Gouvea) is part of an investigation team in this mostly found footage film.

Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, and Vincent Pastore are overbilled for their roles. Dr. Moreira does monologues for about half the film in a bad accent where "V" is pronounced like a "W" and a "W" is pronounced like a "V". It made the film difficult to sit through watching facial close-ups talking into the camera. How did they audition women for the part? "Give us your worst accent?" The creature appears at the end of the film.

Guide. F-word. Brief sex. Nudity (Ashley Couture, Sarah Faire, Nina Martinez)

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