The Sunshine Boys


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 5095


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F. Murray Abraham as Mechanic
Walter Matthau as Willy Clark
Howard Hesseman as Mr. Walsh, Commerical Director
Ron Rifkin as T.V. Floor Manager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vonia 4 / 10

The Cloudy Boys (1992)

"The Sunshine Boys" (1975)

Only a few laughs; Once partners in Vaudeville, Now taxing to watch Two old men feud for what? I call this, "The Cloudy Boys".

(Tanka (短歌 tan-kah) poems are short poems that are five lines long, with the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable format.)

#Tanka #PoemReview

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 8 / 10

image is not reality

"The Sunshine Boys" has a hint of "The Odd Couple", with a pair of men who get at each other's heels (and both written by Neil Simon). But this one goes beyond the former. The former is about a pair of unknown men forced to live together. This one focuses on a comedy team. Admired by millions, most people never knew that the two men hated each other. I guess that it just goes to show that roles that people play on screen have nothing to do with what they're like in real life. After all, it's called acting.

Walter Matthau and George Burns (who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor) play the roles to a tee. Matthau is the irascible, forgetful one, and Burns is the kind, affable one. The climax comes when they appear in a TV special. What I noticed about that scene in particular was Lee Meredith's role as the cleavage-flaunting nurse. You may remember her as the busty secretary in "The Producers". She plays pretty much the same role here. What a babe!

I wouldn't call the movie a masterpiece, but I recommend it as a look at what goes on behind the scenes of entertainment. The rest of the cast includes Richard Benjamin (known for playing pseudo-intellectual types in the '70s), Carol Arthur (Dom DeLuise's wife) and an early appearance of F. Murray Abraham. Director Herbert Ross also did "Play It Again, Sam", "California Suite", "Pennies from Heaven", "Footloose", "The Secret of My Success" and "My Blue Heaven".

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"I can't tell the difference between our act and us anymore."

Modern day viewers probably won't catch much of a buzz watching this film today. I was a fan of the principals during their heyday and George Burns is one of my all time favorites for his understated style and whimsical humor. He was the perfect foil for Gracie Allen's zany temperament.

However I had a bit of a problem with this picture because of Walter Matthau's characterization of Willy Clark. It just seemed too heavy handed for me since Willy and Al Lewis (George Burns) worked together for forty three years, and you'd expect that they would have developed a more amiable rivalry in their relationship. Say along the lines of Matthau and Jack Lemmon in "The Odd Couple". I was expecting at some point a genuine show of affection between Willy and Al but it just didn't materialize until the heart attack, and even then it seemed pretty one sided with Burns' character.

Through it all, there was some good material buried under the dialog that would have seemed more clever with an upbeat delivery. I never thought about individual letters of the alphabet being funny or not. In it's way, the business about the letter 'K' was rather inspired, and the apparent random shuffling of the chairs in Willy's apartment looked like the ex-vaudevillians were improvising; I wouldn't be surprised if they were. If only the film makers had lightened things up a bit, I'd offer an extra dollar on the toll bridge to watch it again.

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