The Thinning: New World Order


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.9 10 1538


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Peyton List as Laina Michaels
Laura Harring as Georgina Preston
Brooke Nevin as Dr. Langley
Matthew Glave as Governor Dean Redding
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NewChipFoose 10 / 10

Great Movie to watch!!!

I'm giving 10 stars because of all the 1 star reviews given by Logan Paul haters, i get it that they don't like him, i'm not a big fan either but the movie is actually good youtube decided to released it so they know what they're doing now i just want to say that the movie is really good probably a 7/10 for me but the cliff hanger is really killing me SERIOUSLY HOPE YOUTUBE MAKES THE THIRD AND LAST SEQUEL OF THE THINNING SERIES.

Reviewed by BananaHeads 1 / 10

IMDB really needs to get a handle on these fake reviews

The first four 9/10 star reviews are all from brand new users with only one review, yep, this mess of a film. It's so obvious it's laughable.

At what point is IMDB going to do something about this. It's unfair to everyone.

Reviewed by castyel-16449 1 / 10

horrible movie / horrible cast

First of all a film casting a horrible person like logan paul was no good from the beginning.but i said to my self hey lets give it a chance.and boy was i wrong? this movie is a representation of why some people has to be shamed for trying to become what they are not and will never be (artists).

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