Gone Are the Days



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Danny Trejo as River Man
Tom Berenger as Will
Lance Henriksen as Taylon
Jamie McShane as Dr. Jenkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eqdennie 8 / 10

The days are back

Really glad someone decided to make a good western. Mr. Henriksen has not lost his touch in selling a character. Really top notch performance. Mr. Berenger and Mr. Trejo also hit the mark with true style. The young supporting actors also give a fine performance.Many thanks to all the crew for putting together a fine example of what the western genre could, should and ought to be.

Reviewed by larrys3 6 / 10

You'll Need Patience For This Slow Burn Western

You'll need patience to get rewards out of this very slow burn Western, as it won't appeal to everyone. Lance Henriksen and Tom Berenger lead the way here. Henriksen portraying the former bank robber Taylon, now aged and dying but looking to pull off one final heist so he can give the money to his daughter (Meg Steedle). Berenger plays the former Texas Ranger Will McMullen, who is now the eccentric sheriff of the town of Durango, where Taylon's bank target is.

In my opinion, too much emphasis on Taylon's deteriorating health and some unexplained plot elements mar the movie somewhat. But if you're the type of viewer that doesn't mind a slowly developing story, there are rewards here in the believable performances and even some dry humor adding well to the mix.

Reviewed by zach-30215 10 / 10

Something Different

Not your typical Western. Lance Henriksen and Meg Steedle did an awesome job delivering a story about redemption. Story is well written and directed.

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