The Touch



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Brooke Newton as Hannah / teen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by admin-868 8 / 10

Heartwarming film.

Firstly, this movie isn't really religious propaganda. What I saw was very little to do with religion and more to do with a woman simply overcoming one of the hardest lifestyles known to all of North America.

It is about the struggles of Hannah, and the people who helped her. It hasn't made me believe, but strengthened my belief; that people can come together and work to help people in need and assist them regardless of the cost whatever it may be (monetary, stress, etc).

This movie could possibly motivate others to help people in need. I feel while it might not be a must-see movie; its inspirational.

Some of the acting is questionable, and some of the acting is remarkable.

The movie is overall, excellent. It is a wonderful blend of unpredictable dramatics. The casting couldn't have been better. Enjoy this movie, I know I sure did.

Reviewed by dfmgenius2002 10 / 10

The Touch is so moving and sensitive. A thoroughly engrossing movie

This is a very sensitive movie that draws the audience in and keeps it totally absorbed throughout. Kristia Knowles (Hannah) is a stunning actress who plays her part with such honesty and reality. She is making another movie to be released in 2007. I will certainly will look for her great anticipation. The story is true and takes place in Leesburgh, Florida, a beautiful area of Central Florida north of Disney World and a few miles from the famous Mount Dora.

I topic of this movie is about a Church and its mission to help a person in dire need. However, the theme is general and really can be appreciated by those of any religious persuasion. Jews, Muslims and Catholics can easily understand the role of the Church in their lives.

Touching and moving.

Reviewed by iamtodd 7 / 10

The Touch

This film is definitely low budget with some inexperienced actors, but that does not work against it. It actually makes the film seem more real. This is a very touching film with heart. The fact that it's true compounds the impact of people helping people. The church is not perfect, but eventually it gets its act together and sees the error of its ways. Edgy and inspirational. The conservative Pharisees in our congregations today, the ones that this film preaches against, will not like not the content and I say, "GOOD!" They don't understand the way life is today. Director Huckaby has pieced together some broken parts and gotten The Touch up and running.

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