The Trip to Italy


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 13672


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Steve Coogan as Steve
Rob Brydon as Rob
Ronni Ancona as Donna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ShippedCutOut 4 / 10

So Disappointing

Hard to believe that two people driving around Italy and eating great food would be so irritating. There is more half-assed impersonations of Al Pacino and Robert DiNero than comment on the food, the scenery, or five star lodgings. Mute the sound, fast forward as needed, and you can knock this one off in less than ten minutes. You'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by serafinogm 10 / 10

A movie to be enjoyed by those with intelligence and wit!

Bright, subtle humor that can only be appreciated by those with an IQ above a moronic level! I would love to see a third! The second was an excellent complement to 'The Trip' through the Lakes District. The Trip to Italy is stunningly filmed, wonderfully scored (in particular 'Im Abendrot' by Richard Strauss, absolutely heart rending as well as the only piece I could identify or remember for that matter apart from Alanis) and brilliantly directed. Those inclined to shoot-em ups and CGI will never be able to appreciate a movie this clever and intelligent! Mr. Brydon and Mr. Coogan please do this again. Steve and Rob's chemistry feels genuine and I wonder if they wouldn't mind spooning on the side of the Eiger? Just joking guys! Please choose another region of Europe where you can tie in some other famous English literary giants (Perhaps Kipling and Housman with their ties to France?) and in the process teach the untutored masses something. I say this despite not having much hope for the average viewing audience! So in closing I conclude by thoroughly encouraging those with wit and intelligence to relish this gem! For those not fitting those parameters give it a skip so I don't have to read your inane comments! By the by Byron and Shelley socialized, Shelley wrote that his contact with Byron led to a drive in his own poetic output, and, following a boating tour with Byron, was inspired to write his 'Hymn to Intellectual Beauty'.

Reviewed by siderite 8 / 10

On the exact same formula as The Trip

If you liked The Trip, you will like this one, as it is basically the same movie. The same people, the same jokes, the same outdoors and food shots. The only thing that changed is that instead of 44, they are now closer to 50. Their hair is more gray and less. How they relate to the world has changed, children grew up. And, of course, they're in Italy.

To me, one of the failings of the film is that it doesn't really portray the places so well. I understand it's a character piece, but by limiting the surroundings, they also make the movie feel more like a play, diminished in scope, if not in meaning.

Still, if you watched The Trip and wanted more, watch this, too.

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