Death House


Action / Crime / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 3 10 929


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Danny Trejo as Murderer
Tony Todd as The Farmer Asa
Adrienne Barbeau as Narrator
Sid Haig as Icicle Killer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdusea 1 / 10

It's THAT bad.

I really wanted to like this one, being a fan of all the horror legends it contained. It started off like it had a plot, but then the director said "Nevermind, I'll just do whatever.", and the movie collapsed in on itself.

Reviewed by geeklegionofdoom 3 / 10

What's this film really like? Honest non troll or shill review

I saw the Death House Twitter account begging for people to give positive reviews for the movie, as according to them, the 'Trolls' have had a go at it. So i will give this an honest constructive. It is true amateur reviewers will often either give a movie an extreme rating, either 1 or a 10 . Neither of which is particularly helpful . So i'll go through the positives and negatives of what i can contribute to the conversation .

What worked?

  • It is fun to spot all the plethora of horror and B-movie actors , some of which only have a brief walk on performance.
  • There is one truly stand out scene , where there is a bunch of skinless zombie like creatures, that does look really impressive effects wise.
  • Kane Hodder is pretty good in this

What didn't work
  • Too concerned with setting up a sequel with Tony Todd's character
  • The cinematography is very poor. It's far too dark and under lit, making it impossible to see what is going on sometimes. I appreciate it's taking place in an underground prison, but you have to write your script and film it so people can see what is going on. Besides, no one is watching this for realism.
  • With the exception of the scene mentioned above. The effects are very poor. Horrible green scree, poor cgi after effects and even other practical effects look bad
  • The acting isn't good , our two lead protagonists are wooden, and even veteran actors like Dee Wallace turn in a poor performance. It seem like the director has done one take, and just accepted it.
  • The biggest issue is the story and script . It is all over the place , it simply doesn't make a lick of sense from beginning to end . Right from the start where it's never fully explained who and why our two lead characters are and what they are doing there at the beginning of the movie, right up until the end with the quite frankly embarrassing 'Five evils ' scene. The narrative structure is so poor, confusing and convoluted

Ultimately this movie should have invested it's finances behind the camera rather than being so concerned with all the cameos , which ends up being really a waste of the actors time .

A real waste of an opportunity and concept . Although i don't like this typical internet behavior of it's either a 1 or a 10 . I think it's equally deplorable for a film company to essentially coerce the weak minded to giving overly favorable reviews.

Reviewed by PukaEntProds 3 / 10

So close and yet so far...

When this film was first floated out into the universe, the names attached were Doug Bradley, Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, and Kane Hodder as the Four Horsemen (what I guess became the 5 Evils) and had Sid Haig in the role that went to Kane Hodder. Sprinkle in some Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace...and you get the "Expendables of Horror". Had that been the outcome, it would have been, potentially, one of the best popcorn horror films ever. The eventual outcome is far less than that.

The Good - Sid Haig, Tony Todd, and Bill Moseley, while limited in screen time, are great. Haig especially gives a typically manical and hilarious couple of minutes (though his actual purpose in the plot isn't clear, more like he was randomly thrust into the film). Todd is especially creepy, though he too seems to have little to do with the story. And Moseley, while stuck with a ridiculous monologue at the conclusion, makes the best of it (and despite being a former Nazi, has no hint of a German accent?). Hodder is also fairly effective in his role, though he's not given much to work with, as most of his dialogue is poorly written. Same with most of the other genre cameos...the characters are simply not written well enough to have any real impact.

The Bad - The story and production are pretty poor. I don't want to disparage Harrison Smith's abilities as, given the developmental hell this film allegedly went through, I would imagine a fair few of the shortcomings of the film could be laid at the feet of demands for reduction in the budget and running time. Typically, with films like this, they get cut back at the 11th hour and a lot of what was put on the page get's left unfilmed. I'm hoping this is the case here as the story is pretty disjointed and there are a LOT of elements in the film that felt like there should have been a greater explanation (ie the 9 animated corpses randomly trapped in a cell, the inmate eating a dismembered corpse, a very random creature scooting across the screen when the inmates are in the bowels of the prison, and the young boy who stuffs a guard with an EMP device, to name a few). There are a ton of plot holes (how does a maximum security prison housing supernatural inmates NOT have a generator backup?) and random other bits and bobs that don't really fit together to make a coherent plot. And when our main characters need to get from an upper level to the basement to meet the 5 evils? An extremely fast zip down an elevator cable by HAND (don't worry, they wrapped it with gauze) while firing their guns randomly and apparently killing inmates? Okie dokie.

The film composition is either poor or EXTREMELY poor and makes for difficult viewing at the best of times. The lighting is dismal. During the initial prison break, you can't tell who is who and what's even happening. The digital FX are also extremely poor (at one point in the basement, the shot moves slightly but the fog on the ground doesn't!). The sets were fine, if not extremely disjointed for a state-of-the-art facility.

The two protagonists again have very little to work with but they are supremely flat in the whole proceedings and, again, have questionable plot points (they randomly shower together, presumably to put Courtney Palm's breasts on display, but share no intimacy, nor have ever done so; no judgement, it's just a weird thing to have happen). They are given a bit of a twist at the end that could perhaps explain their behaviour, but, again, there is not enough fleshing out of the characters to give us a real understanding of them.

The most egregious irritation, however, is that, when we finally reach the 5 Evils...nothing happens. Nothing. As above, Bill Moseley has a lengthy monologue about good and evil and the others chime in occasionally, I guess adding to the tenet of said speech? In the end, they perform no tasks besides looking like futuristic warriors, another thing that makes little sense.

I feel like what most horror fans would have liked to have seen was a straightforward bloodbath without a lot of the dalliances that fell short of their target. I think we would have liked to have seen the 5 Evils unleashed upon the rioting prisoners and dispatched in ways specific to their own proclivities, and ending with their being lost out in the world to continue their reigns of terror. Instead, we are left with a disappointing mish mash of plot lines, unrealised back stories, and a supremely unsatisfying conclusion. I hope Harrison Smith gets a chance to make a film on his own terms as I firmly believe this wasn't the case here. Maybe then he can give us some horror worth viewing.

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