The Warning


Action / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 3519


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tjsuf 6 / 10

Good movie, but had some holes

Without giving away a lot, the movie was good. The story takes a little dialogue to get going, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense at first. But, the story does develop and after a little, keeps you intrigued. The move could have been a solid 7-8, but the ending brought it down 1 - 2 stars. Overall, good acting, original storyline, and shot fairly well. That ending though...

Reviewed by alexgntr94 5 / 10

It could have been awesome

While watching this moving, I was interested since the beginning of it. An intriguing Thriller with a murder that is somehow connected to past ones through the analysis of numbers, which are done by Jon, the mathematician who is the only one who really believes there is a meaning behind it.

The story is told in two different timelines and somehow both of them are connected. How? Different murders occured in the 20th century, but somehow all of them happened with 5 people with ages of 10, 21, 32, 42 and 52. Those are the magical numbers. In 2008, a murder with the same conditions happened and Jon is convinced that it will happen again in 10 years, because of math and stuff. This is where the 2018 timeline with Nico comes in place, a young bot who suffers with bullying.

Personally, what spoiled this movie for me was exactly the ending it took. I really was expecting an ending where my mind would be blown, maybe something to do with Jon"s squizofrenia in a "It was all in my mind" type of end, or something to do with ETA, which was the responsible for one of the past murders. I would also accept some alien time travel ending if it was well done (ok, maybe I'm pushing too far here), but I was just expecting something darker and thriller-like.

All the movie gave me was Jon communicating with a kid 10 years in the future through a mirror avoiding the next murder. Not wanting to give more spoilers, but all in all, the movie chose to go with the "everything is connected and we reincarnate to fulfil what we are meant to fulfill" path. They chose the easy, spiritual ending, and although the movie kept my attention, this is what disappointed me.

Positive arguments for the movie? It is indeed an interesting thriller, which keeps you thinking of possibilities to explain the main question of the movie. It has intereseting characters, which are easy to connect because of their life struggles, and although I did not enjoy the ending, it is an OK movie to spend some time chilling and learning some spanish.

Reviewed by cat-imdb 7 / 10

Good story. Good thriller.

I really enjoyed the movie. I gave it grade 7. It's good entertainment. It seemed to me one of those plots of our most disturbing nightmares. [SPOILER'S NOTICE: Especially when Nico's irresponsible mother insists the poor boy go to the damn place right on the date set forth in the notice.] But it's certainly a well-written, well-crafted story. The point some have complained about - that the two parallel temporal narratives become confusing - to me was a positive feature of the film, increasing its charm. I recommend. Watch.

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