The Weather Man


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
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Nicolas Cage as David Spritz
Michael Caine as Robert Spritzel
Hope Davis as Noreen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 3 / 10

Too depressing

Although The Weather Man has some very good acting in it, I can't really think of any reason why it was made, except that screenwriter needed a cathartic release for some issues he had with his father. This is an extremely depressing film, and so difficult to watch that I actually couldn't get through it—and I watch every movie Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine make.

Nicolas Cage plays the role that endears him in audiences' hearts the most: a well-meaning but hapless hero trying to get his ducks in a row. His ex-wife, Hope Davis, vehemently hates him and even though they try to get along for the sake of their children, Gemmenne de la Pena and Nicholas Hoult, their group therapy sessions don't go well. He tries to help his children through their troubles while dealing with his own problems at work and tense relationship with his father, Michael Caine.

If you have issues with your father, I highly recommend you stay far away from this movie, since the scenes with Michael Caine will probably send you in search of your hankie. Then again, if you have a relatively perfect life with no problems with your parents, children, or ex-spouse, you probably won't want to sit through such a depressing movie. Die-hard fans of Nicky Cage might be able to watch it in its entirety, though, since he does do a very good job.

Reviewed by edgeoflight 9 / 10

A Beautiful Satire in the vein of American Beauty

This movie is actually far different from what I expected it to be: a cliché story of how a family gets reunited after a lot of hardships, deep thinking and apologies, etc.

But it's quite a down-to-earth movie which does not take you for a fool. It basically demonstrates that life does not always go the way you would like it to be and that it's okay. The message is fairly strong and convincing. But there is more to it than that.

The movie revolves around the character of Dave Spritz, a weatherman whose job is to predict the unpredictable. And Nicolas Cage plays the role of this troubled weatherman quite well. His gullible, phony face embodies the common, annoying American who revels in consumerism and ego trips. He wants to have it all--a united family, money and love--(isn't that the American dream?) but ends up realizing that he can't.

So the journey to realizing he can't is what the movie is about although subplots (such as the one with the archery training or that with the abductor/pedophile) that don't contribute a lot to the main message of the movie spoil it as a result. It could have lasted only one hour and the message would have been as convincing.

But I believe all of it combined makes the movie more complete and I think the main theme is that consumerism seems to be prevalent in American society; it hits you in the face as McNuggets hit Dave Spritz and it's unavoidable--at the expense of values like family and selflessness. And what I loved the most about this movie, which echoes my first paragraph, is that the protagonist almost embraces this life of consumerism instead of ending up with his ex-wife and his child in a happy ending. No here it doesn't happen, Spritz goes on with his life and accepts it, he accepts that he is but wind "earning" millions for (ill-)predicting weather. A product of American culture who parades next to McDonald's and Spongebob in the end.

All in all the movie looks very much like the satire that was made in American Beauty, which featured a similar dysfunctional family that breaks apart (in a more tragic way) due to unhappiness that seems to be the dark side of the American dream.

Reviewed by Semih Sarial 9 / 10


I think this is the most underrated film all the time. Nicolas Cage killing it. So realistic family issues and different subject to making movie about. GREAT. Watch this movie like 23.00- 02.00 pm. When movie is finished i was like why is the Nicolas Cage making a movie anymore man we need him.

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