The White Buffalo


Action / Adventure / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 3503


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Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hickok
Kim Novak as Mrs. Poker Jenny Schermerhorn
John Carradine as Amos Briggs
Jack Warden as Charlie Zane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hullumaja Puffet 6 / 10

Hunt Down that Buffalo

'The White Buffalo' is one strange western. Some call it western version of the 'Jaws'. Anyway, this is not bad movie at all, far from greatness, but definitely entertaining. The buffalo itself isn't very scary as a monster, but rather hokey. The film is carried by star power of Charles Bronson who gives stellar performance as Wild Bill Hickok on the hunt of terrifying white buffalo. He is supported by wonderful cast with Will Sampson and Jack Warden, and Kim Novak, John Carradine and Ed Lauter making cameos. After magnificently directed opening scene rest of the film might feel little bit let down, but the atmosphere is held together by John Barry's haunting score.

Nothing sensational or thought provoking, but still worth to watch when you want to see some different twist in the western genre.

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 8 / 10

Movie Gold Here

Who doesn't like a Charles Bronson movie, Will Sampson and Jack Warden? Add one buffalo and you got a nice clean story of the Wild West and some rich history to go with it. We see the end of the buffalo being hunted to extinction with men selling their bones to make a few bucks. We have the gold rush and the hard life that goes with it, heavy drinking, gunplay and some real nice famous lore namely Wild Bill Hickock who they say had guns for hands. That's right too. He was so quick on the draw that his whole body moved in unison with those guns so naturally that he could not be out-gunned or drawn. Exceptional talented man who left behind some real nice stories to be told over and over this be one of them. Lets not forget Crazy Horse who was a force to be reckoned with as well and of course some colorful memorable characters that when you add it all up produces this fine entertainment. I highly recommend the book by Richard Sales which this movie is based upon. The book goes into details and does something you rarely see done so well i.e. it uses real, back then languages and expressions making it come to life while you read. The movie captures some of that in the dialog as well. Lots of little details (all good and fascinating) going on in this movie so pay attention. There so many memorable scenes making this a watch again many times over. I have lost count on how many times I have watched this and will again too. One very exciting scene (of many) takes place in a saloon capturing life back then with danger and unpredictability which is how people got their reputations if they lived through it all. Wild Bill lives up to his name and it all happens so fast that people are literally tongue-tied until they are able to speak and say the following; "he killed em both with one shot"! Great movie to eat a hot meal with as they have some snow scenes. Include a tasty drink, some popcorn and for the bold some beef jerky too. My only criticism is that it is not longer or didn't have a sequel. Enjoy

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 4 / 10

Are You Ready For A (White) Buffalo With Attitude?

In my opinion - (Back in 1977) - If the genre of the Western wasn't already dead at that point, then, you can be sure that "The White Buffalo" permanently killed it.

Featuring a totally laughable-looking (mechanical) albino buffalo (with a nasty mean-streak) who loves nothing more than to deliberately bulldoze straight into people (regardless of their race).....

This Western/Horror/Fantasy film (set in 1874) also spotlights "Old West" legend, Wild Bill Hickok (in shades, no less) who's such an ace marksman that when he fires a single bullet from his trusty pistol - (get this!) - Three bad guys immediately fall dead on the spot.

From start to finish - "The White Buffalo" (which stars a cast of worn-out looking actors) is an absolute embarrassment on all counts.

The whole story is nothing but a 95-minute build-up to its climatic final showdown between Wild Bill and "you-know-who", which (unfortunately) quickly deteriorates into pure slapstick comedy.

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