Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 8.2 10 345286


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Woody Harrelson as Willoughby
Peter Dinklage as James
Sam Rockwell as Dixon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by juliammagnes 5 / 10


I can't understand how this movie gets such good ratings! Way too many open storylines in my opinion and unsatisfactory ending! Really disappointed after such good critics during Oscars ...

Reviewed by Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer 9 / 10

One of the best crime dramas in recent times - one of the bests of 2017


One of the most deserving candidates for Oscars 2018. I would've wanted either this or "Dunkirk" to have won the Best Picture. But ..... we can't change what happened - somehow, someway "The Shape of Water" got the award. While this remains as one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world, let's talk about this excellent movie. "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", written and directed by Martin Faranan McDonagh, is an addition to the genre of crime drama. As a fan of this genre, I found it very good and I hope most of the fans will. Mainly the 90s Hollywood films like "The Usual Suspects", "Se7en" among many are still my most favorite crime dramas. The recent-ish movie I really loved in this genre was "Prisoners" (2013). This movie may not have been able to replace any of those movies on my list, but one thing is admirable in this movie which makes it unique and different from all those movies - realism. Surely, I love the older ones more, I find them better in many aspects, but at the end of the day it feels like a tremendously incredible piece of FICTION I really loved. This movie doesn't feel like a complete fiction due to a considerable touch of reality. I cannot talk about this without getting into spoilers territory - so, SPOILERS ALERT. The case is never solved. Now tell me, how many times have you seen that in a crime thriller or a crime drama? In most of the movies I named, the cases or the investigation reach to a definite conclusion in a dramatic way. The characters in the movie may or may not know about it, but the viewers will definitely do. And it's not as if the movie was built so that it can be ended this way, there are many compelling scenes where the investigators are trying real hard and ultimately reach nowhere. Also, there's a scene where a man - apparently the one who killed Mildred's daughter - shows up and feels as if the movie is gonna end with the routine crime drama cliché. But it doesn't. Some cases are so messed up that they lead to nowhere and perhaps will never be solved (just like "The Shape of Water" getting the best picture) and this movie has DARED to show this taste of realism which has made it one of the best movie experiences for me. Apart from this, the story and the concept in itself is quite good. It's not that the cops are bad, neither that they're good. It certainly feels as if they are going to show the inferiority of the cops - but again, they don't. There are good cops and there are "bad" ones too. They hit on the police and their shortcomings, but the film is not about that. At the core, it is about a mother desperately wanting justice for her daughter - again, not something that has been a "core" of a crime drama very often. The character moments with Willoughby are good. Certainly, those of Mildred are also good. In fact, it has some good character moments. But at the same time, some parts feel a little clichéd. The change in character of Dixon towards the end - liked it, but has been done many times. The secondary plotlines with Mildred and James feel unnecessary and again - seen those things a lot of times. These are the only minor issues. Frances McDormand was incredible as Mildred. She deserved the Oscar she got. Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell were also good in their roles. Peter Dinklage was notable in a small role. I found it to be one of the best movies of 2017. In the first view, I was like "it's fine" but after two or three viewings, it has become better for me. It sadly isn't my all time favorites in the genre, but is ultimately one of the bests ever. It gets an "A" and a "9.4/10".

Reviewed by BiiivAL 9 / 10

Cinema about hope and search for justice

The drama of Martin McDon, known primarily for his ability to violate the foundations of modern drama, can easily be considered one of the best in the outgoing year.

In the center of the picture is the mother of the deceased girl, seeking justice and justice in a rather cynical manner and the unquenchable hope for which is the meaning of life, along with a single son and a worn blue overall.

"Where is the cliche?" - I thought, and already on the 10th minute of the movie I stopped speculating about the development of events and trying to predict the replicas and actions of the characters. This unpredictable plot was not in my memory for a long time, considering that all the events taking place for nearly two hours (and there were an unlimited number of them) surprise with their surprise and sometimes absurdity.

The non-linear structure of the film makes the viewer systematically ask the question, "What will be the end?", But "What will happen tomorrow?". The same question is asked to themselves and all the characters: the divorced mother Mildred, who is already desperate to find justice, ultimately lives by today and actually loses the intelligible for herself and for the surrounding purpose, humiliating the policeman and accusing them of racism, sexism and other " ". Sheriff Willoughby, who learned that he has cancer, does not know what will happen to his reputation after his death. The sheriff's widow does not know what will happen to her daughters. The assistant to the sheriff Dixon sits up his pants and reads comics, having no motivation, no prospects, nothing.

The appearance of three billboards in Ebbinge literally leads this small town into a rage. The hunt for Mildred is accompanied by violence on the screen, both from her side and from her ill-wishers (scenes in the dentist's office, as well as in the advertising firm). Even the church involved in the scandal gets gets on the forehead of Martin McDonagh, who calls her "a criminal group" and "lovers of little boys, and in general, boys." The whole town shows all the dirt, like a fish, rotten from head to tail, stinks of hypocrisy.

Thus, the unyielding willpower of the heroine Francis McDormand and her motivation, which at some point is questioned, makes the actress, perhaps, the main nominee for the Academy Award. And the abundance of all sorts of characters (including the hero of Sam Rockwell), well-designed, but sometimes fantastic scenario and satire on acute social problems (racism, sexual harassment, police lawlessness, etc.) make the Three Billboard reflect modern disgusting reality and valuable ( if not the most expensive) coin along with Bruges and the Seven Psychopaths in the treasury of the talented Martin McDonagh.

Bravo, McDonagh!

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