Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas



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Jessy Schram as Jane / Rebecca
Amber Lewis as Marissa Bennett
Peter Benson as Ben Bennett
Brendon Zub as Mark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 5 / 10

clean, freshly laundered and brightly lit...

... these are the "hallmarks" of a made in Canada on a budget X-mas movie. Every scene is so brightly lit you want to adjust your screen to avoid the glare. Every article of clothing is right off the hanger. All the stars are people you have never heard of ... and may never see again. The storyline here is so-so, but the antiseptic production values haven't changed in 30 years. And that is the problem.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 9 / 10

"You have this light in you"

Jessy Schram at her best. She has an effect on people.

Take the first "Time for You to Come Home for Christmas" movie and subtract about half the snow and add amnesia and of course Jessy Schram. Actually all the female leads in this franchise have been appealing ladies, but Jessy always seems to be so upbeat and this role is perfect for her. Brendan Penny does his job well and the two have great chemistry.

Like the first one, this is another road trip with stops along the way and some obstacles. There is some mystery even beyond the amnesia and both parts unfold in pieces.

Like the others, this story is touching and the actors do a fine job. There's a scene with Allison Sweeney reprising her character from two years ago where she gives Jane some cookies.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 8 / 10

A road trip to Remember

Amnesia stories usually provide rich material for a nice story, and this one is no exception. Jessy Schram, a favorite of mine, plays a young woman who gets dunked in a river after being bumped by a car. We next see her in the local hospital near the Canadian border with amnesia. Her luggage has been lost. The only clue to who she is is an ad for a Christmas Tree lighting in Charleston, SC that she left behind at a local diner. It has a handwritten message on the back saying "Please Come" and signed "Mark".

"Jane Doe" is an immediate hit at the hospital due to her friendly, spirited, and outgoing nature. Jessy conveys all of that with the underlying vulnerability that she is so good at. She makes a friendly connection with a nice nurse, Paul, who offers to drive her to Charleston as it on his way to his family's home. It is almost immediately apparent that Paul is hiding some secret pain as he is very conflicted about going home. Jessy and Brendan are perfectly cast and their performances are spot on. I like that they made Paul a nurse instead of a doctor, thus making sense when he drives her in an old dilapidated car which conveniently breaks down on the way. A doctor would have flown.

On their road trip, they have a positive impact on all of the people they meet along the way. Including Alison Sweeney in a brief cameo appearance! This is a real thing this year. This is the third movie I have seen in which other Hallmark stars appear briefly in another movie not their own. I think it's really cool. And very smart given the competition other networks are giving them for the attention of Christmas movie viewing public.

The movie keeps you engaged at all times what with the mystery behind Paul's sadness and conflicted feelings going home and Jessy's real identity. Jessy starts having flashbacks which hint that she may be married and have a child! Why would she leave a husband and child? Is she a bad person? Is he a bad person? It won't be a spoiler to reassure you that she is not a bad person and her future lies with the nice and attractive Paul.

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