Too Late to Say Goodbye


Crime / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 490

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Stefanie von Pfetten as Jenn Corbin
Rob Lowe as Bart Corbin
Lauren Holly as Heather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 8 / 10

Too Late to Say Goodbye; Never too late to get Justice ***

The dentist who had everything except the fact that he couldn't take rejection. Rob Lowe plays this type of guy to the hilt in the true story.

His frustrated wife begins an online relationship with a guy named Chris from St. Louis. Imagine, her surprise, when it turns out that Chris is actually a lesbian who has been looking for a relationship since her last one broke up.

The movie is intriguing. Did the dentists wife kill herself as it first appeared or was there foul play? The picture wobbles when it's determined that while in college, the good dentist had a girlfriend who allegedly killed herself as well. We've seen this pattern before in films.

We also have Lauren Holly, the victim's sister who suspects her brother-in-law from the start. Nothing new here as well except for the fact that the film is admirably done.

Reviewed by jczoerner 8 / 10

Beware low average rating!

This is an engaging movie... not the best, but certainly watchable. What makes this movie remarkable, however, is Rob Lowe's stellar performance. I mean, this guy is on fire! I've seen him in a few things and have never given him much that much thought, but that he could turn in such a world class performance in what is essentially a throw-away (although certainly decent) movie is a testament to what an incredible talent he must be. I am not joking. He is really good in this... he had me laughing out loud several times, not because he was funny but simply because I was in awe of how well he delivered this or that line. Just as "Batman: The Dark Knight" wasn't that good a movie but was elevated by Heath Ledger's performance, so is this TV movie elevated into true art by the solid acting performances, especially Lowe's. Recommended!

Reviewed by suzihands 4 / 10

Nothing like Anne Rules' non-fiction book by the same name.

Finished the Book this movie is based on several days ago and decided to watch the movie based on that book. I like Rob Lowe as an actor and Bart Corbin, who Rob portrays, was apparently handsome but not in Rob's league in my opinion. The movie changes several facts, the main one being that after he murdered his wife, Jennifer, he took refuge with his gullible brother, he refused to come back to the crime scene, refused to see his sons and refused to have the police investigators interview him. He did not turn up outside the house he shared with his estranged wife and his two young sons and he did not tell the police at the scene he wanted to see his sons and then they could interview him. No way did this narcissistic, poor excuse of a human being, husband and father, have those boys in his care and no way did he try to abscond with them. He was way too concerned for himself to think about anyone else in the Universe, let alone the World.

I was very disappointed with the Tele-Movie because I had read the factual book from front to back BUT if you haven't read the book or know too much about the case then by all means watch this movie and enjoy it for what it is. It is well written, well acted and a very interesting story. The son's names are changed in the Movie also, which I found odd because the books and reports name the boys quite openly.

I hope the real Bart Corbin stays in jail for the rest of his days and only leaves in a wooden box.

This movie deserves an 8 if you haven't any knowledge about the facts, only a 4 if you do.

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