Too Scared to Scream


Crime / Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5 10 594

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Val Avery as Dr. Richards
Maureen O'Sullivan as Inez Hardwick
Murray Hamilton as Jack Oberman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rainey-Dawn 6 / 10

A Farily Interesting Crime-Thriller

'Too Scared to Scream' was fairly interesting to me... worth a one time watch - kept me watching until the end. It's not what I would call a horrible film - but I would not call it a top-notch film either - mediocre.

Most of the people in this film are "odd" or "weird" - not just our prime suspect. The film does have a surprise ending (in it's way). So if you like crime-thrillers then you might like this film.

This is a 'slasher' film - but not in the stereo-typical way (you know, kids in the woods, no cops or terrible cops around, and a killer slashing away sex-crazed young adults - this film is NOT that way). This is a police detective film that is after a 'slasher'.


Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10

Tense and better than you might expect

Purists or experts might disagree, but I believe "Too Scared To Scream" is an earnest attempt by the filmmakers to create an American version of the Italian "giallo" thrillers. Although the violence isn't particularly graphic, the film plays like a murder mystery in which you think you know who the murderer is, but you can't be sure until the last frame. It does have its flaws (some obvious red herrings, some ridiculous "fake scares"), but it offers a few tense moments, an unexpected (if far-fetched) conclusion, and good performances by most of the cast (especially by the man who plays the chief suspect). A good choice for mystery fans. (**)

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 5 / 10

Serving the public… is a brutal job.

Tony Lo Bianco (more known for his acting, especially in one of my Larry Cohen favorites 'God Told Me too') directs a mechanically snug and customary stark urban-set murder mystery thriller that throws in a dose of gratuitous nudity and psychotic violence that also has it dipping in to the low-brow exploitative market. Nonetheless it still demonstrates a low-budget made-for-television feel (due to Bianco's plain, but enduring style), even though its brimming with a toughly rough grittiness brought across by its seamy backdrop. After being drowned out by a wretch song through the beginning credits (yep it's rather bad!), it actually gets better to cement an conundrum of mystery led by an convincingly collected, but dreary Ian McShane as the detective's chief suspect the doorman of the apartment building where the viciously random murders are occurring.

The problem here is that the material just paints him too obviously as a red herring to be the one, but the twist (and you know its coming) to who is the actual killer had me fooled (and it's an exaggeratedly ill-advised revelation that comes from nowhere and had me thinking of a late 80s slasher effort), as I had someone else in my sights as the culprit. The busy, pictorial layout has numerous character dramas (with even the police getting involved) and suspicious dabbling that can cause the lumpy pace to lull about at times with distracting details that don't really add anything and go on to undermine its attempts of consolidating tension. Not helping either was the constant use of false jumps and lead ups, which more often lead to the real one. It's the cryptic nature of the story along with the soberly first base performances by the likes of Mike Connors, Anne Archer, Leon Iassc Kennedy, John Heard, Val Avery, Carrie Nye and Phyllis Hyman in a colorful cameo that make-up for its wayward spells. However it opens up with lasting suspense in the dying stages, but the deaths for most part appear off-screen and those we do see are theatrically staged with sudden, but clunky force. The musical score is old-fashioned, but over-cooked which makes it hard to switch-off.

Not perfect, but this old-hat, stone-cold premise manages to truly hold you there for it's outrageous, if tatty final.

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