Tower Heist


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 125210


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Téa Leoni as Special Agent Claire Denham
Ben Stiller as Josh Kovaks
Eddie Murphy as Slide
Michael Peña as Enrique Dev'Reaux
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reysia 7 / 10

Not just an ordinary comedy

Tower Heist is a comedy. I know it just by looking the casts, especially Eddie Murphy. The real tipping point of the comedy is when Eddie shows up a lot and join the group. Other casts like Ben Stiller usually plays comedy with serious faces and as I predict, also in this movie.

Indeed, this movie brings so much comedy in it that I can't stop laughing so many times. Clever comedy in dialog , scene and even when the action began, totally brought me to a fresh moment. It's a refreshing comedy. I like it.

There are several twists in this movie which makes the story even better. In things I even didn't think of, the story bends a little bit and make a slight confusing moment. But not in the end, I don't know why but I knew that the car must be in the pool. I knew that because it's typical. You see the pool the very first moment of the movie but then you didn't see it a lot till the end. The director surely gives clue but in the end He didn't want it to be seen clearly that the pool is the key where the car is hidden.

I thought it'll be more tougher than that to break into a tower's penthouse. With all that security camera and protection explained before, I don't think it'll be that easy to break in. I think it'll be more interesting if there was more tension in it.

Great story. Didn't get bored at all. Perfect plan for a robbery. Good ending even not the best.


Reviewed by betty dalton 8 / 10

Oceans Eleven, Die Hard and Speed for the price of one.

Man, who wouldnt love to see a corrupt banker get conned at his own fraudster game! In Tower Heist its payback time for the hardworking people who get ripped off from their pension money by a sleezy banker. Ben Stiller, Mathew Broderick, Casey Affleck and Eddie Murphy, what a superb and hilarious comedy cast! Great actionscenes, hilarious dialogues with a plot that puts a smile on your face and keeps you guessing...

Tower Heist is for all ages, if you want to have a good time and crack up laughing with your kids or with your granny. Numerous scenes are copied out of great action movies (Oceans Eleven, Die Hard, Speed,French Connection). All done tongue in cheek, very classy. Lovely action comedy with a revenge theme ! They dont come any better than this!

Reviewed by jimandemmamae 1 / 10

Not a comedy, ridiculous story

My husband and I feel we wasted an evening watching it.

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