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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bxtmedia 1 / 10

an absolute trainwreck of a film

The film was an utter disaster. The film felt amateur, probably due to its producers being Richard Colton, an editor who's only real roles have been that of an editor and as such has much to learn about producing himself, and Calum Best, who appears to have made this film simply to place himself as a main character in a movie.

The script seems forced and comedic value is lacking to say the least. The Russian accents weren't great and as such it was hard to take the mafia scenes seriously at all.

I also find it interesting how the name of the film was changed after production from 'name of the game' to 'dangerous game', making it appear that they wish to hide bad reviews from its original viewings

Reviewed by kelpe1925 3 / 10


It's rare that I write on movies, but this is an exception. I was given false hope from a top reviewer that this movie turns out to be awesome... but all I have seen is C rated performances. It's like watching a high school film, yet may have some better looking folks. Whomever the director is should focus on finding a day job. This movie is beyond repair.

Reviewed by garylyons-91273 1 / 10

Z list b movie

Save your time and money, the lead Calum Best mostly known for reality shows, and being the son of the late George Best. The film is so unbelievably wooden and has no action that a kid wouldn't laugh at poor budget, washed up reality TV show lead, and old page 3 girls even the trailers won't let you comment and the films title was changed last min to avoid negative press 1/10

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