Every 21 Seconds



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Jim O'Heir as Dr. Synkowski
Kelly Thiebaud as Mary Beth Sweeney
Jamie Bernadette as Prosecutor Leslie Clarkson
Cynda Williams as Administrative Nurse Malone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ddawwg 9 / 10

This film pulls no punches

I'm becoming more and more of an indie film fan because of films like this. Every 21 Seconds is based on the true story of brain injury survivor. No spoilers, but after watching this film, I was shocked at how devastating brain injuries can be for someone as well as their loved ones. No VFX, no CGI, nothing animated, just raw, honest compelling storytelling brought to life by a great cast.

Leading that great cast is Shannon Brown playing the main character, the brain injury survivor. This is one of the most inspiring performances you'll see in cinema period. His ability to draw you in is exceptional especially when you take into account that he's essentially playing two very different characters in one, before and after the brain injury. There were multiple times when you could literally hear the audience gasp. I've seen Brown in a few other films in the past like Halloweed, Finding Hope and some gangster movie that I cant remember the title of, but anyway, this guy is a true artist, I'm a fan for sure. Comedy, drama or whatever, Brown can carry a film at a high level. Also of note, Kelly Thiebaud, who plays the wife of Brown's character, the female lead. You can't help but feel drawn to her and her struggles to take care of the man she loves. You laugh with her, you cry with her and you really just wanna give her a hug. A very powerful performance and her chemistry with Brown is very strong. It's easy to forget that you're actually watching actors when these two are on screen together which is a strong compliment to them both.

The supporting cast keeps you engaged as well. I was particularly impressed with Jimmie Tolliver who plays our hero's best friend. Robyn Coffin has a nice turn as a quirky yet caring therapist. This is an intense ride, not for the faint of heart. It's clear that the filmmakers responsible for this gem was not trying to appeal to the masses, rather they were focused on making a honest, gritty depiction of a real brain injury survivor. I feel for anyone that has a brain injury and their loved ones. Check this film out, you'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by AudioFileZ 7 / 10

A True Human Drama Simply Well Done

Every 21 Seconds is not as such meant to entertain. It's meant to be a palatable yet realistic look at the aftermath of senseless traumatic brain injuries. It should be said that there are many who never get to attempt to re-gain any new normalcy as this is serious stuff. Brian Sweeney was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he has paid a great price losing so much. His wife, kids, parents, siblings and friends were all affected with those closest suffering along in great measure. The beautiful part is Brian made a fantastic recovery becoming a new version of himself with enough left to build upon. I'd say for whatever meager budget this movie has it gets these core things right to personally engage the viewer. It is a well done piece that celebrates strength in the bonds we share with those we love and the respect we should afford all of our fellowmen. It does so without being preachy or concerned with minutia . It is a very human drama that speaks for love being the ultimate healer. When I was a kid I was moved by the movie Brian's Song and I must say I felt much the same watching Every 21 Seconds. Just park your need for big-budget flicks and production for a well made modest movie with a nicely nested important message.

Reviewed by wanderer15701 6 / 10

One of the better low budget movies out

Held my interest..acting could be better but it was believeable.. I was happy to find the movie.. worth the watch

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