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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mamanash2003 4 / 10

Seems far fetched

This guy is taking so many steroids! How can you transition if you are taking male hormones? He is pretty as a woman, but what decent transgender applies makeup like her? Her face was brown but her body is white!

Reviewed by reneereives 8 / 10

Struck a cord

I had recently been in a FB argument with people judging Charlize Theron and her raising her son. They assumed she allowed her son got his way because he was dressed as a girl and she allowed it. I defended that her son was doing no harm to anyone, as a boy or girl and not every parent is going to treat their child the same. So I applaud Janae and her tenacity. It definitely cannot be easy and it was interesting to watch.

Reviewed by jordan2240 7 / 10

Seems honest, but also seemed incomplete

Saw this advertised on Netflix, and thought it looked like an interesting story. It came across as a very honest portrayal of the conflict that Matt/Janae was going through, but I also think there was much missing, particularly at the end. We never do see a live image of Janae after the surgery, which I found puzzling, and we never know what happened to her career-wise. Also, once she commits to transitioning, we don't see any reactions from family and friends. It almost seemed to me like the filmmakers were eventually very restricted in what access they had and what topics they could cover. Did she fully transition (i.e. breast implants, bottom surgery), or is she content to remain caught in between?

I find this case particular interesting because, to me, Matt did not come across as fully committed to being one sex or the other. He apparently took testosterone at the same time he was trying to transition on a number of occasions, and his mannerisms as a female seemed faked. And he admitted in one brief scene that he was sexually attracted to women. Far be it from me to deny what is going through someone else's head, but I do wonder if this wasn't something different than a purely transgender situation. Regardless, hopefully all works our for Janae in the future.

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