Smokey and the Bandit II


Action / Comedy

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Burt Reynolds as Bandit
Sally Field as Carrie
Dom DeLuise as Doc
David Huddleston as John Conn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dgl1199 6 / 10

It needed Olivier, it Got Kramden

OK, I'm kidding. Hey, listen, this film is no strain to the synapses. It's another Hal Needham carwreck fest wrapped up in a really dumb plot that at times tries too hard. However, I find an odd entertainment value in this genus of southern cheese. An aging professional highway show-off, an even more annuated hick sheriff in hot pursuit, an oddly swift and resilient Trans Am, a very talented yet dumbed down leggy sidekick, a country singer turned epitomal southern truck driver, Dom Deluise, and an elephant. Add plenty of incompetent law enforcement officers and marlboro reds and you have the makings of one fine redneck cross-country chase movie. I don't know why but I actually enjoyed this. It's really about the stunts I think and when it comes to Hal Needham you never can have too many car crashes. In the spirit of Cannonball Run and the Dukes of Hazzard there is an odd appeal in watching good IL boys tear up backroads to the tune of Hank Williams and police sirens. And of course there's always a way out leaving a pile of police cruisers in the dust behind. It's an action flick and as such you shouldn't expect it to be anything other than what it is; it's just fun to watch. You may notice it does have some very talented actors so it begs the "what were you thinking doing this film?" question. Perhaps. But on face value it's all about the car chase. And who doesn't love a good car chase?

Reviewed by gerard-21 4 / 10

Highly Anticipated and Extremely Disappointing Sequel.

The original Smokey and the Bandit was a monster of a film, finishing behind only Star Wars at the Box Office in 1977. It was one of the last movies seen by Elvis, who arranged a private viewing due to it's popularity. I myself, barely a teenager, saw it several times in the theater.

Now, when a sequel was announced, we all just knew it would pick up where the first one left off and follow the gang's exploits up to Boston and back to Georgia in 48 hours with clam chowder for the Enoses. But no, the producers and writers chose to create an entirely new exploit, which is basically a rehash of the route traveled in the first, but going in the other direction and pretty much at the speed limit! First off, the Enoses could have hired anyone for a lot less money, as obviously time was not of the essence. Afterall, after they accept the job, considerable time is spent getting the Bandit back into shape! Or did the writers expect us to believe it only took one day? They may have, considering they also threw in a scene where Burt, during his rehab outruns a racehorse. And what were they thinking having Carrie marrying Junior again? Sheriff Justice said at the end of the first he wasn't giving up his pursuit of Bandit, so he didn't need this motivation, again.

So, obviously, instead of a good ole' boy movie like the first, we have a cartoon with humans! See Jackie Gleason utter sombitch 6 dozen times! Hear Dom Deluise spout nonsensical Italian phrases! Watch truckers run over police cruisers with no regards to consequences (like causing lawman's death)! Become aghast at Jerry Reed turning into a tough guy life coach. Experience Burt Reynolds trying to show he has a heart! Look at Sally Field's expression of disdain for her agent! And don't miss the ending blooper reel!

This was the beginning of the end for Burt as he started becoming a caricature of himself. People began to view his movies as just an excuse for Burt and his buddies to get together and party while not having to bother themselves with any strenuous acting.

Reviewed by cry_wolf23 8 / 10

The Bandit and Snowman at It again

well the bandit and snowman are back and this time they have one hell of a big adventure. The bandit and frog have split and the bandit has became a overweight drunk.the burdette's need a crate picked up in Miami so they enlist the help of snowman who has to get bandit's ass back on track with the help of frog of course.After much exercise (including a foot race with a bunch of horses)the bandit is ready for action once again.

After Breaking into the warehouse they find that the crate is huge and what inside is huge as well,a elephant. after some time on the road and a stop for gas snowman thinks the elephant is sick,and as luck would have it a ambulance has just pulled they enlist the help of the doctor inside Played By Funny man Dom Deluise and the doc soon determines the elephant is pregnant.

What is the bandit to due stay on course and risk the elephants life or worry about something other than money for once?

Also look for a lot of cameos in this one.mel Tillis(bless his heart he sing like a bird but has a bad stuttering problem),terry bradshaw,mean joe green and don williams.

Also jackie gleason is back as buford t. justice still trying to catch the bandit and look for a very funny scene where jounir can't get his zipper zipped.jackie also takes on 3 different roles in this one

This movie could be the best sequel in the franchise so give it a watch i give it a 8 out of 10 R.I.P Jackie Gleason and Jerry Reed(The Snowman)

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