The Arrival


Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Charlie Sheen as Zane Zaminsky
Teri Polo as Char
Richard Schiff as Calvin
Lindsay Crouse as Ilana Green
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AaronCapenBanner 7 / 10

Well Done Sci-Fi.

Charlie Sheen plays Zane, a radio astronomer who accidentally discovers an alien signal from space, that also has origins on Earth. When he tries to tell his boss(Ron Silver, very good) he downplays and denies the importance of the find. Zane then finds out he has been fired, and the tape he gave to his boss disappears, so now very suspicious, he undertakes his own investigation, which leads him to an alarming truth about aliens who are indeed very much among us...

Well written and directed by David Twohy, this science fiction film is a pleasant surprise, and Charlie Sheen is appealing and believable as the man determined to find the truth, and warn the world; sounds like a certain FBI agent from "The X-Files"...

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 8 / 10

A cult classic prototypical brilliant sci-fi flick

The Arrival (1996) is a cult classic science fiction about a radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky (Charlie Sheen) who discovers evidence of intelligent alien life and quickly gets thrown into the middle of a conspiracy that turns his life upside down. It was written and directed by David Twohy who also written and directed Riddick trilogy with Vin Diesel (Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick & Riddick) who I wasn't fan off and I never cared about but Pitch Black was an okay film. The Arrival is my favorite David Twohy film and the best of Charlie Sheen movie ever. It come out the same year as Independence Day (1996)and The X-Files Season 3 was completed.

It is a brilliant science fiction thriller film about a extraterrestrial intelligence and a global conspiracy. The acting in this film from Charlie Sheen and Ron Silver is brilliant I love this movie to death I love it!

to me this this movie is an easy 8 and it is a prototypical "good" science fiction thriller movie -- intense, perfectly executed, original plot no copycat, shown to the tune of a forgettable and occasionally insulting story.

Plot: Radio astronomer Zane Zaminsky (Charlie Sheen) believes he's picked up a cosmic noise that signals extraterrestrial intelligence. But after turning over the tape to his boss Phil Gordian (Ron Silver), Zane's fired, his girlfriend (Teri Polo) get's transferred and his partner is found dead from a supposed suicide. Zane's desperate search for answers leads him to Mexico and a mysterious power plant that is generating more than electricity and is run by people who are not what to appear to be. Arrested for the murder of a scientist (Lindsay Crouse) investigating and impending ecological disaster, Zane's escape custody carrying proof of a world-shattering alien invasion in this intense sci-fi thriller.

I first saw this movie on a cable when I was in high school. I did not recognize Charlie Sheen with a beard watching this movie it quickly become my favorite Alien film. To me Independence Day, Alien and Aliens alongside The Arrival are my top 4 favorite extraterrestrial intelligence films. The story is solid and acting is solid.

Also to me this movie is disturbing and terrifying on the end when Zane try to expose Aliens secret with the satellite dish Zane and Char are trapped in that station and first I thought Char betrayed Zane but it turned out it was Kiki (Tony T. Johnson) who betrayed Zane. Charlie Sheen makes such a terrifying face when Char asks him what will they do. The scene was terrifying when Ron Silver was preparing to kill them both so they hit with the van in the station and Zane froze them all.

The aliens are raising temperatures so that the weathers are hot they are feeding with our energy. I also watched the sequel Arrival II (1998) with Patrick Muldoon in which Zane character is dead in which to me is pretty stupid! I love this movie to death I can't give this movie a 10 it is not a perfect movie the greatest or the best one but it is a good movie my favorite Charlie Sheen movie I got today on Blu-ray and I just finished watching it and i was blown away I love it. 8/10.

The Arrival is a 1996 science fiction horror film directed by David Twohy and starring Charlie Sheen, and co-starring Lindsay Crouse, Ron Silver, Teri Polo, and Richard Schiff.

8/10 Grade: B+ Studio: Orion Pictures Starring: Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Crouse, Teri Polo, Ron Silver, Leon Rippy, Richard Schiff Director: David Twohy Producers: Robert W. Cort, Ted Field Writer: David Twohy Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 1Hr. 55 Mins. Budget: $25.000.000 Box Office: $14,012,411

Reviewed by baumer 8 / 10

A very intense film

What makes The Arrival so good is that it's paranoia could be real. Where as scientists tell us that global warming is the result of smokestacks and deforestization and factories, this film has other ideas. And the ones that are in here are a little more frightening than what the scientists think. Think for one second all that has happened over the last decade or so. Think of all the ecological changes that we are facing right now. These crisis are all a result of our greed and our industrializaton, which in a way can be a euphanism of greed. And this film takes all that we know about ozones and animal extinction and global warming and such and puts its own little spin on it. What if a species that is greater than us has looked at what we are and decided that we are too stupid to take care of our own planet so they will take it away from us. After all, according to the theories that this movie subscribes to, we are wasting and destroying this planet anyway, why not speed up the process?

Charlie Sheen stars as an astronomer who thinks he hears a definitive signal from outer space. But when he brings it to his boss he learns that due to budget cut backs his department is being eliminated. So his signal theory falls on deaf ears. But from here on out the movie becomes almost Hitchcockian in the way that you have a character that knows something that no one will believe, not his superiors, not his girlfriend, not even his friends. And so it is up to him to try and find a way to convince everyone that he is not crazy and that he is telling the truth. And what makes this film work so well is two things really. The first being the story that was written David Twohy. He also wrote The Fugitve so we know right away he is a good writer. Here he has some excellent characters and crisp dialogue for them to speak. The script is a real positive here. But the second thing about this film that really makes it work is the portrayal that Sheen gives of Zane. Sheen always looks confused and amazed at the same time. He can't believe what it is that he has uncovered and his expressions and his mannerisms really do his character justice. I can honestly say that the last time I saw fear like this from anyone that saw aliens first hand was in James Cameron's incredible 1986 film Aliens. It has taken ten years for someone else to get an actor to show true fear when it comes to the subject of ETs. Most films have the stars crack clever jokes about the aliens that they are meeting for the first time. They rarely show fear but in The Arrival, Sheen is always afraid. He is never shown as anything more than a normal human being that has uncovered an ugly truth about the true agenda of what the aliens are realy up to. His performance is one of the best things about this film.

The Arrival is intense. It doesn't stop for a breather too often and it is very intelligent. It has interesting opinions and it also makes you question our own intentions when it comes to the well being of our planet. Most people passed this one over when it came out because Independence Day came out a mere month later, but as good as ID4 was, this is a different kind of movie. It is more serious and has an opinion on some very political issues. It never runs out of steam and it is very entertaining. I highly recommend that you give it a chance.

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